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whatamess, thanks for your reply. I have another question. Did the Doc found that you have big red blood corpusules due to lack of vit B12/folic acid or did he do any other test such as homocysteine in your blood to determine the lack of vit b12?? Sometimes you may take vit b12, but if you lack interinic factor in your stomach, taking vit b12 may be useless.

Thanks for the response. My B12 level is 159. Now I am taking almost 1500mcg of Vit B12 daily along with 1000mg of B-complex. Most people with low Vit B12 have high MCV, but my MCV is low. This may be because I also have low iron/ferritin. LOw B12 increases MVC, but LOw iron/ferritin decreses MCV. Hence my guess is that I am low on iron/ferritin also. I have recently given blood for iron testing. I will come to know shortly!
I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia and polyneuropathy back in 1996 or so. My B12level was 76 and I had irreversible nerve damage do to the length of time I was so deficient. I still have polyneuropathy as a permanent companion. I lack the intrinsic factor and I also can't keep my level up where it should, I give myself a injection every other week and this will be forever, unless they come up with a cure of some kind. When I first started my shots, it took 3 yrs to get my level to 600, so don't count on instant feel good either. I also have some malabsorption problems with vit D, and magnesium which I take as a supplement along with sublingual B12 and the injections. Recovery depends on how long you were deficient and how low. I was for 4yrs, 76 for level and borderline dementia when first diagnosed, the most improvement I've had is my memory has come back almost 80% but it took 6 yrs for that.

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