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I am currently taking 2000 mg's of methyl b12 and a b100 mg complex everyday for nerve damage.. so far i only feel relief in my feet.I have yet to feel any releif in my upper extremeties!!
I have been diagnosed with periphal neuropathy!I have had this for the past year and have no idea as to why!!
From what i have learned about repairing nerve damage you are right about the time frame in the vitamins working but i dont believe it ever totally heals the nerves just the symptoms.I believe i will have to take b vits the rest of my life!!
I was diagnosed with Pernicious Anemia and polyneuropathy back in 1996 or so. My B12level was 76 and I had irreversible nerve damage do to the length of time I was so deficient. I still have polyneuropathy as a permanent companion. I lack the intrinsic factor and I also can't keep my level up where it should, I give myself a injection every other week and this will be forever, unless they come up with a cure of some kind. When I first started my shots, it took 3 yrs to get my level to 600, so don't count on instant feel good either. I also have some malabsorption problems with vit D, and magnesium which I take as a supplement along with sublingual B12 and the injections. Recovery depends on how long you were deficient and how low. I was for 4yrs, 76 for level and borderline dementia when first diagnosed, the most improvement I've had is my memory has come back almost 80% but it took 6 yrs for that.
It is for energy but for a whole lot more. Try looking up Pernicious Anemia and you will find what a big deal it is. My grandmother died from it back in 1952 and I have permanent damage for lack of it. B12 is for the proper function of your nervous system, if that doesn't run properly the whole program falls apart. It keeps your nerve cells and red blood cells healthy, provides DNA makeup and lots more. Some people only need to take supplements while others like myself maybe do to a gastritis attack or gastric bypass lack the intrinsic factor (a protien enzyme)in the stomach needed to absorb B12, so injections are needed to bypass the stomach to go directly into the tissues. Pernicous Anemia is similar to MS in symptoms but it can be controlled where MS is unpredictable. B12 is what keeps you functioning.
I am 55 years old and have suffered from numbness and tingling in my feet and half way up my calves for about 3 years. I talked myself into thinking I had a neuroma but then the pain started and I could hardly walk. I went to a podiatrist and he gave me cortizone shots in both feet -said it wasn't a neuroma but didn't do anything to find out the cause. He wanted to give me Neurontin but I wanted to find a cause. So my family doctor put me through a lot of tests and said the only thing that came back unusual was that my B-12 was 403 and that was kind of on the low side. When I told her my mother and sister had Pernicious Anemia she did the Intrinsic Factor test for that. It came back positive so I didn't need further testing. She started me on B-12 injections (I had to go every day for a week and then once a month). I also had an EMG to confirm neuropathy. I am also on 300 mg Neurontin (generic form) twice a day and it's helped a lot. One thing that upsets me reading this thread is that some doctors do not think of a B-12 deficiency if you are in the "normal" range which is 200-1100. You can have a normal B-12 level and still have a deficiency. Thank goodness my doctor was on her toes. She said it isn't the first thing they think of. After reading about Pernicious Anemia and the damage it can do makes me want to kick myself for not taking it more seriously. We all thought Mom's condition was no big deal. Well I'm paying for that now. Keep at your doctor for further testing. I'm also taking sublingal methylcobalamin b-12 daily although they say they aren't sure how much I'm absorbing. My b-12 level is now at 1488 and I'm feeling so much better!!! I also take Foltx which is B-12, B-6 and folic acid. It's a perscription.

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