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Weird symptoms
Mar 3, 2005
hi! My name is Barbie and i'm 23years old. I hope this is the right board. Please forgive me if it isn't. I'm hoping someone on here will be able to help me. I have been having some very strange symptoms that at first were believed to be cardiac related and now they are believed to possibly be related to a neuro problem. Also they thought at one time that i might have lupus, but that has now been ruled out. Anyway my symptoms are as follows: little sores on my scalp that itch, my right side of my jaw and neck down my right shoulder/arm and hand go numb and tingle. Not constantly but it comes and goes and occasionaly the numbness shoots across my entire jaw :(. I was admitted to the hospital on Monday night because my arm was tingling and my arm was modeled (purple in color with white blotches) from my wrist to my upper arm, my hand was red and swollen, but my finger nails were very cyanotic(blue), yet my o2 level was reading 100%. They kept me in the hospital and ruled that this was being caused from a cardiac standpoint ( i had to have a cardiac ablation in june due to episodes of SVT) and i was diagnosised with Neurocardiogenic syncope in Jan. Now the neurologist that i saw in the hospital on tuesday said this could just be my autonomic nervous system in overdrive, it could be a pinched nerve/blood vessel at the c2 or higher lever, a begnin tumor or it could even be "demylination disease" which is what MS is. also i should mention to you that i have had 2 "slightly" positive ANA's and 2 "slightly positive" rheumatoid factors. I also have a b12 defiency and my thyroid is "borderline low" If anyone has any info or anything i would greatly appereciate it. thank you all so much for reading this i know it was kinda long and for that i appologize.

thank you so much!
barbie :confused:

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