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[QUOTE=Clonexx;3468389]I agree, unless someone has had drop foot, they really can't quite imagine what it's like. There are things out there to help it, like an AFO. An AFO is basically a leaf spring that attaches to your calf and slips into your shoe/sneaker and goes underneath your foot. It has some flex to it, and basically keeps your foot "up" instead of dragging on the ground. You can walk normally with it and it has some tension so that it will "spring" your foot back up after taking a step. There isn't any actual springs involved, it's just a piece of plastic molded a certain way. I have used one at my PT sessions and let me tell you, even though the one I used wasn't molded to me specifically (any one you get will be molded to your specific build), it helps a TON.

I really hope both of you get better or find some way around it. I know exactly how you both feel and wish you all the best.[/QUOTE]

Hi Clonexx...I just found your reply, so as you can see I'm not too good in getting around this site. If my calculations are correct, you are having your tendon surgery today and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. The very best of luck, and I hope you're home by Wednesday.

Thanks for the information about the AFO. The one you describe from your PT sessions sounds great, but I really hate mine . It is solid plastic with the bend at the foot/ankle to keep the foot at ninety degrees, but it is very rigid and I feel it actually stops me from walking better. Since I could not bear any weight for 6 weeks on the foot, and then only 50% for another 8 weeks, the leg and foot have gotten very little exercise. I have to wear my current brace to prevent the tendons in the back from getting any shorter and have been told it that I will get used to is sooo uncomfortable. Please let me know how you are doing and a very speedy recovery!

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