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Apr 11, 2005
Hi...10 yrs ago I was seen by a DR for depression.He did blood work to "rule out" any physical causes.The only thing that showed up on the blood tests were that my red blood cells were smaller in number ....yet larger in size!
He didn't seem concerned!
Then in 2004 began to have many problems.Radial nerve palsy,muscles faculations noticed by the naked eye!Internal tremors.Weak legs and arms.
No energy...muscle and joint pain!Stiffness!
Numbness ,tingling..cold feet red in color and hands as well.
Went to a neuro who suspected MS.Brain Mri showed a lesion 9mm left frontal lobe.Mri of the cervical spine showed narrowing and bone spurs!
Have been seen by the MS clinic since Aug.Given meds ...for MS except no injectables...thank god!
Had a spinal tap...came back ok...urodynamics showed bladder spasms.
My visit 3 weeks ago....I complained of leg heaviness and joint pain,no energy!They did blood work..testing for lupus etc....
What came back was homocysteine!Was given a prescription combo folic acid,b12 and b6!Now I wonder if I was given this 10 yrs ago...I may not have suffered this neurological damage????
When I called the clinic to get my results after the meds had been called in...
The nurse said...oh it's no big deal...the DR just checks that to see if you are at risk for "heart disease"!
Gosh...They think I am stupid????? JE

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