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Very Desperate
Apr 27, 2005
For those that have read my circumstances before, I apologize.
I have been ill for a year. Symptoms include colitis like symptoms, abdominal discomfort, belching, and neuropathy. Started with left shoulder blade pain,became tingling and numbness, turned more to muscle spasm and tremors, heart pounding,and i still have the soft mucousy stools. Sometimes when i have a bm, the neuropathy starts like fire in my limbs. It has settled in the feet all the time.
Had blood tests, lots of them, vitamin deficiencies, lyme, Celiac, etc. One slightly high celiac marker. 20 which is one above the norm.range. gastroscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel series, all show nothing. It seems to be tied in with the bowels, but i dont know. Or do i have severe spinal damage that is effecting my g.i. system? pancreatitis? lyme? gall bladder?
I dont know. The burning feels so bad, i feel i should be in a hospital(which i dont want to do), or will soon die.
Also suffering now with panic and depression. Anyone heard of anything like this? There was someone Ridley that posted a similar situation, but I cant get in touch with him.

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