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hope someone out there can help me and I'm sorry, this is going to be a long post. I was in a pretty bad accident in Oct. of 2004. I was a passenger in a mini-van, and the driver pulled out in front of a semi tractor trailer. The semi hit right at my door then we got pushed head on into a medal light pole. Thank goodness for my seat belt, otherwise I would not be here.

I don't remember much during the accident. The last thing I remember is seeing the semi grill coming right at me, so I ducked toward the driver. Amazingly, my only initial injuries were a big bruise on my right leg, a bruise on my left shoulder ( they figured that happened because I must have been pushed into the driver's bucked seat), cuts on my arms due to the glass, and severe neck pain (which didn't start until a day or so after the accident...guess that is common).

This is the confusing part - since I was on the job (business trip) I am dealing with workman's comp first, then the driver's auto insurance will reimburse worker's comp. Her auto insurance is involued because she is a volunteer board member of where I work, and the accident was her fault (she was ticketed for failure to yield right of way) This is important because of all the things I have been going through the last few weeks.

After the accident, my family doctor started me on muscle relaxers and PT. After a few weeks there wasn't much improvement, so I was referred to a neuospine dr. who did a MRI, which was fine, it was severe whiplash. He started me on a TENS unit (which didn't help). In Jan 2004 he sent me to a pain management doctor for trigger point injections, which started in Feb. I've had 2 sets of injections, first on the left, then on the right. The PM Dr. started my with PT who has dealt with people who have had my injections. I started feeling some improvement, but the pain is still here. I have taken so much ibuprofen, I probably won't have a stomach left after all this is done.

Now, about 3 weeks ago, I started experiencing numbness and tingling in my left pinky and ring finger. The PT gave me an exercise to help. Then last week it started in my right hand. So, I called my case manager (assigned by Worker's comp) and she told me to call my PM Dr. She wasn't in, so I called my neuospine dr. He talked with me over the phone and scheduled me for another MRI this week. My case manager through a fit. She said I had already had a MRI and she felt I should be evaluated first and have an EMG. My dr. fought with her, and said he wanted a MRI first because the EMG could show something like an entrapped ulnar nerve, but it could all be coming from the neck. Plus, he didn't feel a need to see me until after the MRI because he would order it first anyway. This all happened last Fri.

Mon. am, my case manager called me on the way to work ( I have a hour commute to work), she said she had a doctor at an Othopedic Clinic who would take time to see me. She said he was very good at diagnosing problems. So, I said alright. He checked me out, and said I had hyper reflexes, but I could have had that before. I've never been told that in the past. He then did a EMG, which he found an entrapped ulnar nerve in my left arm, but nothing in my right. He said this could no way be related to my accident. He set me up to come back in 2 weeks to see him and have consult with a surgeon for my ulnar nerve. My case worker said since this wasn't due to the accident, I have to pay for the ulnar nerve situation myself. I asked her about my other dr. and what I should do. She said I should just call and say I'm going to postpone my appointment for now and not give any details so there isn't any hard feelings.

That next morning, I was so frustrated because I felt like I was manipulated the day before. I called my neurospine dr's PA (he wasn't in yet) and told her of the events of the previous day. When I said the dr said my problems can't be caused by the accident, she told me that isn't true, it could be the cause. She said she would talk with dr. when he came in, and get back to me. My next call was from his administrater who said that since I had seen the other doctor the day before, my doctor will no longer see me. So, I called my case manager and through a fit!! She said it was her understanding that I wanted to switch doctors. After a long conversation, at which she was trying to convince me the new dr would be better because he took time out of his precious schedule to see me, I had no idea of what to do. I told her I would have to call her back. She called me back awhile later to tell me she had talked to my "new" doctor and her said there is no way the accident caused my latest sympthoms and that he could order a MRI, but he won't find anything! I told her that made up my mind, I wanted to see my original dr because this one has already made up his mind about me! She was speechless.

The next morning (Wed), the cm called me and said my original dr had filed a complaint against her, has refused to see me as long as I'm under WC, and my primary dr is now my pain management doctor. OMG, I wanted to cry. Doctors and their politics, and I'm the one who is suffering!

My cm, who I am now trying to get rid of, told me to keep my appiontment with my pm dr which was on Thurs (yesterday). At this appointment, I told my cm that I didn't want her in the appointment with me, this is my right.

Now, I am having aching in my legs, numbness in my feet, more pain down my arms, and my pinky and ring fingers are numb most of the time. Maybe all of that is do to the intense STRESS I've been under for the past week, I don't know. I told the whole story to my pm dr at the appointment and informed her of all my latest symptoms. She basically told me not to be so upset. There is lots of conditions that occur in people that have nothing to do with an accident they had. So I asked her if she had spoke with my CM before my appointment, she said no. I don't really believe her because when I got to my appointment, my CM was in the back offices. But the dr did order the MRI I was originally scheduled for that afternoon so WC would pay for it. She also said she would talk to neuospine dr to convince him to see me again. Plus, she told me probably shouldn't talk to a lot of people about all the dr politics I had been going through!

Well, I had the MRI and am waiting for the results. I don't trust any dr anymore, and I feel lost.

Can these problems I'm having not be due to the accident? I have never anything like this before.
What can be possibly wrong?
Can these problems happen 6 months after an accident?

HELP! I need advise!

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