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I have constant nerve tingling and annoying pain in my upper back near my right shoulder along a band extending from my spine to my shoulder. I have seen a doctor regarding the problem although she was unable to provide a satisfactory diagnosis of the problem. I have had this problem for about six months now and canít seem to find any reason for this. I was diagnosed with Costochondritis (from pain im my right side ribs) about a year ago and the pain has mostly gone away. I am pointing this out because I donít know if it may be linked. As well, I am taking Nexium (a drug for acid reflux) and have seen articles that say this may lead to a B12 deficiency, but again I donít know if this is relevant.

I can provide further information if needed.
My doctor said it could be the shingles without the blisters, is this even possible? If so why would it have lasted this long?
I certainly dont have any answers, but have problems like this as well as others. Maybe its mechanical? Ribs and shoulder?Do anything unusual with arms up lifting? Also, this is the second post concerning neuropathy and acid blockers. Another curious thing is the acid reflux. I have a lot of discomfort in the solar plexus area, just under the breastbone.This could also be related to the rib area, or hiatal hernia.Maybe you have an entrapment in the neck,shoulder,ribs? In the meantime, you could try some stretches easy, see if it effects the problem. Look up stretches for rotator cuff and thoracic outlet syndrome. My first neuropathy was between the shoulder blade and spine. Loosened it a bit walking briskly swinging my arms a bit naturally.Another one that helped was lying on the floor arms straight overhead, clasped as in prayer. Keeping the hands together slowly bring the hands down to your waist level and back up to all the way overhead. At first i had spasm doing these, then it helped with the discomfort. Unfortunately mine moved to other areas, top of the shoulder, neck etc. Best wishes.Oh there are some physical therapy things that help including laser light, and a new t.e.n.s device called the pro 1000. It whistles when it detects a problem,
and is supposed to desensitize the nerves and start healing the muscles.
:eek: Dear Walus,

You should ask to get a referral to see a Neurologist. Only they are able to make the dignosis of Neuropathy. I have several areas on my body from nerve damage and burning/tingling, etc. I feel your pain believe me. You must rule out every other possible cause.

Cathy :confused:
I dont see much point in a neurologists diagnosis. I have friends that have burning symptoms, numbness and the neuro said no neuropathy. I guess in his opinion, there is no signs of compression etc. but where does that leave one? My friends still have numbness burning in the extremities etc. so neuropathy is as good a word as any.
If the neuro does diagnose neuropathy, there can be well over 100 causes, many of which are outside of his field.In my opinion the emg only basically tells you if there is nerve interference due to compression of spine etc. Then he will refer you to mri scans, which you probably could have done first. If the neuropathy is due to some disease, such as lyme you would need to go elsewhere and it may or maynot show up.
Neuropathy is a frustrating and terrible affliction. It can be caused by almost anything,
or they may never find the cause, idiopathic neuropathy. It can be caused by toxins, or other medications. What someone calls it, really doesnt matter much. A good place to start is probably blood work, and then a look at the spine, but other than that it can be a fruitless nightmare of testing, with very little in the way of treatment.
I have the same problem only it is on the left side. After 3 years of going to Doctors I finally found on that ordered an MRI and nerve conduction test. The test revealed that I have cervical herniated discs with moderate nerve damage. Hope this may be helpful

What kind of treatment is available if it is in fact a cervical herniated disc?

Since my original post I have tried B12 supplements with no noticeable change, therefore I don't think it's a B12 problem. I have started doing shoulder exercises again without noticeable change. I guess I should find another doctor and make sure they order an MRI.

I have noticed more sore areas on my back, but they seem to come and go, some have been along my spine.

If anyone has further comments, please help.
When I had pain when moving my left arm and had burning/tingling near my left shoulder blade to the spine I went to my chiropractor and he told me that my rib was dislocated. He adjusted it, (and another up near my shoulder that I didn't even know was out!) and I could move my arm fine afterward and the pain went away until next time I dislocated a rib. I have HNPP (Hereditary Neuropathy with Pressure Palsies) and my ribs dislocate ALL the time! Check it out!
Has anyone had this problem who uses a computer for many hours each day like I do. I am wondering if this could be related to the constant use of my computer and relatively poor posture while I work on it.
Walrus, i doubt its the computer. I would guess it might be from lifting something from overhead, or pulling something heavy towards you.I have a similar situation in my upper body and lower body. I would guess you have an entrapment of the shoulder. There are many muscles involved. Mine started as yours in the back shoulder blade. I got that to move finally by walking alot and swinging the arm as freely as possible. It took a while, then the tingling burning etc moved to other areas. I noticed i had a sore trapezius, lat, scm scalene muscle on the same side.You need to find what areas are doing what and handle it two ways. One, release, loosen the overtightened muscle,and graduallly build up the surrounding muscles. i suggest some of these.
First do the walking swinging your arm freely within reason, 3 x a day for a week. See if this frees up the pain from that area. You can also start chin tucks now, you could look up online how to do them properly, basically lower your chin, while sitting toward your chest, then bring the back of your head back like a turtle a few inches, this will give you a stretch in the occipital area be sure to do it right. Do chin tucks a lot, every day. Only after doing these for a few days go on to the next. lay face down on the floor with arms out straight. Pull your shoulder blades together and lift your arms in the air like a bird and hold for a few seconds. Add this to your regime. Next, put your hand on your head and bend it gently to the side, repeat with the other side. Dont hurt yourself, just an easy stretch. Do all this for weeks. Also throw in deep breathing exercises, hold in for 4, exhale for 8, hold for 10 before rebreathing.
Now after doing all the above, there should be some difference of some kind. Now you need something like a theraband, a big stretchy rubber band. It should be an easy resistance, not hard. Take it in each hand and stretch both arms out at the same time,like an old chest building exercise. Next throw the band between the rails of a staircase, hold low with both hands and pull back till your hands are a little behind your legs and hold. Do incline pushups, by leaning at an angle over a counter and doing the pushup 20 times. If its possible take a few quick showers a day, just to relax the area. Thats the story, you need to relax the muscles, but build up the supporting muscles at the same time. If you need any more info just ask.
My shoulder blade dilemma took about 8 months to improve significantly. Now it is about 90% better.
Shoulder entrapments are difficult if not impossible to diagnose. The technology doesnt see it well enough, and there are very little treatments anyway. Shots and surgery which rarely helps. I believe you can work it back, but its going to take time im afraid.

Good luck
I am having similar problems now, for about eight months, I have an area on my upper back between my spine and left shoulder blade that several times a day feels like pins and needles. It does not matter what i am doing; sitting standing, ect.. it comes and goes. The only pain I have just started a few days ago, I get a sudden pain in that same area, that feels like someone is jabbing a needle into my back. I had a thoracic x-ray which was fine; no problems there, but I am still waiting to get an MRI. What scares me is that my mother and great uncle have Multiple Sclerosis.
I would suggest getting an MRI and going to a neurologist. You will not know anything definiative until you do. But I completely understand your frustration and worry, I am there too. :confused:
Hi, I was googling the words "tingling in upper back" and found your response and had to find out more. What really got my attention was that you said you had Costochondritis. I too had the same thing over a year ago (I actually had it twice!) I've noticed this shooting nerve pain between my spine and shoulder blade for about a year now. I almost forget about it because it doesn't happen that often, but when it does, it will lasts a couple of hours and it's very annoying. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with costochondritis and if you have found out any more about it.

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