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My doc doesnt' know yet what caused it or if anything did. From what i have read so far, i guess you can get it without a cause or it can be hereditary. My doc is sending me to a neurologist (which i think you need a referall for) so my guess is to see your regualr pcp and go from there. You may have to be fairly aggressive about getting tests and treatment though. Its taken me almost 5 years to get a diagnosis which is just ridiculous! But i didn't know what else to do except what my doc told me. I have also had to change docs a couple of times so don't be afraid to do that if they are not taking you seriously. There are some great doctors out there but unfortunately, there are also some who don't truly listen to their patients.

My symptoms are a combination of:

Occassional tingling/numb sensation without actually being numb
Prickling (like after your legs have been alseep) but they haven't been asleep
A burning/ultra sensitivity of the almost feels like someone has thrown hot water on me...i usually get this on the lower legs/ feet, and on the back of my thighs above the knees.
I sometimes have symptoms in my arms but not the burning feeling.
Also, i get an uncontrollable urge to move my legs or arms which is why my doc originally thought i had restless leg syndrome. I guess the symptoms are very similar to PN but the burning feelings are pretty unique to PN.
I also suffer alot of dizziness due to my very low blood pressure which they are not sure if that is from my heart problem or the PN....that is yet to be determined! :eek: :confused:

I am suppose to see a neurologist sometime this month so I will keep you all posted on what I discover.....all the info I have gotten here has been helpful and supportive. Thanks to all! :wave:
Actually, it does sound very similar to the burning i feel in my legs and feet. It is a very odd feeling. I also always have ice cold feet even when the burning is present. It's not warm to the touch, just the sensation of burning. And VERY sensitive to the touch.

What I meant by unique to PN is that most people with PN have the burning feeling. There are not alot of other conditions that also come with that least this is what my doc said. It was this burning feeling that got my doc to give me the nerve conduction test. The doc I see now is great, but trust me, over the years I have wanted to strangle a couple of 'em!! It has been very frustrating. But thank goodness I finally know what has been causing my symptoms. I hope you get some answers soon as well! I don't reccomend trying to diagnose yourself won't hurt to ask your doc for some tests. I've been doing ALOT of reading about this condition and depending on what the cause is(if there is one) it can get worse and cause alot of other problems as well. It may be though that you don't have PN but maybe just a pinched nerve and/or an injury? I don't know....get it looked at though. You need to know, that's for sure!

As for the name, my hubby gave it to me! It's his 'petname' for me....I even have it engraved on my green bowling ball(which i can't use very often anymore btw)....I like it too!! lol.... :bouncing:

Well, keep me posted on what you find out and I'll do the same! :wave:

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