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Re: Numb Right Foot
May 18, 2005
Hey there, actually I did get some results...but I'm not sure what to do yet about them. I went on Monday to a chiropractor. See, techinically I made an appointment at this place that has a neurologist, physical & massage therapists, and chiropractors all in the one facility. When I called, I made the appt. wto see the NEUROLOGIST...but when I got there, filled out all the papers, they made me see the chiro. I was a little annoyed at that, but figured I'd see what he says. He asked me a bunch of questions, then did some tests on my foot with a little brush, and a pin type thing. He went up my leg, etc. He did this on both legs and asked me each time if it felt about the same or less in the bad foot. Some of it was about the same, some of it was less. Then he did some tests on my lower back, pressed around in certain areas. He also had my lie on my back and took each leg and strectched it up, told me to tell him when it hurt. It didn't hurt at all until it was straigh up, then I just felt pulling in the thigh, which is normal because it was just the muscle stretching. And, I'm in horrible shape, so I'm actually surprised he got it up that, high, LOL. Anyway, then he took 2 xrays of my lower back. I went back last night for the results. This time it was the other chiro who talked to me. He said that there's a TINY bit of arthritis starting up, but that's not the cuase of this. Then he said there was some degeneration on the L4 (I think) and he showed me exactly where it was on the xray, though it's hard for me to understand those things. He also explained a bit about discs and nerves, and that when this happens, it affects the nerves, and that's what is going on, he thinks.

Now he moved onto treatment...he said they would do back adjustments 3 times a week at first, and then go from there. Now, that part freaked me out. I'm not sure about chiropractors in general, I hear so many good and bad things about it. So I was a bit leary, and he wanted me to start last night. I just think that it's a little too soon to assume it's exactly the problem, since all he really did was some general tests and the xray. And could that be the ONLY way to help it, if it even does help? The first chiro told me they'd treat the back first and if they see no results, then they would concentrate on the foot. But I dunno, that sounds a little too sketchy for me. Why not check the foot FIRST since that's where I have numbness...I don't have ANY lower back pain at all with this. I have some back pain on occassion if I walk a while, but I've alwyas had that for as long as I can remember. I've always attributed it to being overweight and out of shape.

So, I told them I wanted to get another opinion before I started treatments. They seemed OK with that, but I got a weird vibe from them like "OK fine, but we KNOW you'll be back!!" or something. I dunno.

So now, I am not sure where to go. I think I will make an appointment with my regular doctor, or maybe just try a nuerologist again, specifically. If they seem to think it's related to the back, and another xray shows the same thing, and THEY also mention this type of treatment, then I guess I'll go for it

I hope you get some good results with your issue...keep me posted as well!

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