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Clarifications: Dental work was not intrusive. Replacing dentures. The process of
properly fitting took almost 2 months, one adjustment at a time, during which: gums
hurt too much to eat crunchy things. Didn't preclude fresh veggees, just meant a lot
more cooked ones. Lettuce, cucumber,...impossible. Can do, now!

Fibro, when I have it, is more "achy" and is everywhere, in muscles and connective
tissue. Because the area around my joints hurt, various docs kept insisting on calling it
arthritis. I knew it wasn't arthritis. An orthopeadic surgeon figured it out after reading a report from a physical therapist, sent me to an osteopath, who said "oh, yeah" and recommended malic acid, exercise. When it comes back...that's what helps. It's been
back for about the same amount of time as the increase in PN pain.

PN sensations are VERY different from fibro... and is solely in the skin of my feet, so far, with a teeny bit of non-bothersome surface numbness around the ankles and lower legs. There was a point years ago when it began to burn less, and became just surface numbish, which was a terrific relief. That was about the time that I started magnesium, which helps many things.(could be coincidence). What brought me to the boards for this ailment began just about 2 months ago (coincides with dental work) They're burning and sore (but not to the touch) again. I can feel the pattern in socks when I wear them. A small wrinkle is intolerable. Walking is very unpleasant.

I do fairly agressive Tai Chi, and had to stop recently for the first time, sit and massage feet, (which feels good) and carefully step back to the mat. BUT, overall, I suppose because it aids circulation, and shifts the balance from one foot to the other in a controlled manner....Tai Chi helps.

pjok .....One very notable occasion, since my original post... ...swimming pool. Cool, not cold water, floating, quiet little breaststroke. NO pain, no awareness of numbness in feet.The cause hasn't really been addressed yet, but it sure relieved the symptoms dramatically, while in the water. Walking on the hot sidewalk to my chair was very dicy. I feel it. It hurts. But just numb enough to know to go quickly. Because the "burn" is not from the heat of the sidewalk, but from my weight on the skin of my feet. (No, I'm not obese. Would look better if I lost ten pounds.)

Let's face it, I frequently find more information here than I do with my docs. But
the neurologist gets to think about this again at my next appointment. It's been that
much worse.

Teeth are finally fitting, so back to normal diet. Protonix, as you mentioned has been
for a while, but the effect we're discussing could take a while to develop.

Different subject, but regarding things developing in relation to substances we ingest,
whether food or medical compounds: I drank quinine water at first for the night leg cramps. When, in a few years I developed severe ringing in my ears, (enough that I identified with Bill Shatner, who said he felt suicidal) one of the first questions the ear doc asked was whether I'd been taking quinine. That's when I went to magnesium, which improved several things. I've forgotten about the tinnitis (sp?).

I find outlining the progression, answering someone else's questions, helpful in itself.
Thank you.

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