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Hey Tomorrow...there really is someone else out there with this poly to?I started to think I was the only one who had it and ther isn't that much info on it anyway, lots on perepheral tho. So now I wonder do all of us Poly folks walk better fast like it is part of the condition? I have sciatica and a few bulging discs in the lumbar but most of my problems are in the neck and thorasic area with stenosis etc. I love to walk fast but my hubby has to walk slow (bad heart) and as I said if I walk slow I stumble, bob and weave and I'm sure people think I have had a few and I don't even drink. We also have some other similarities to. I hope that fusion works for you!!!!

cervical stenosis
facet joint disease
straightening of the normal cervical lordosis
C2-3 herniation
C3-4 bulging disc
C4-5 annular tear, herniation
C5-6 bulging, impingement
C6-7 nerve impingement, moderate cord impingment
arthritis throughout cervical area
T3-4, T4-5 stress fractures
Thorasic hemangioma laced throughtout thorasic spine, benign inoperable
L4-5 bilateral chronic radiculopathy
osteoporosis, chronic myofacial pain
failed ulnar nerve entrapment surgery, resulting in nerve injury to hands, chronic tendonitis, DeQuervan syndrom, Wartenburg syndrome, GERD, asthma, chronic headaches asssociated with facet joint disease in neck.
muscle atrophy, leukopenia, pernicious anemia, polyneuropathy

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