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Hi All,

This looks like a great site...I just joined.

I have a question: For about 2 weeks now, the upper part of my cheek next to my eye on the left is tingling. I wonder if it can be due to a pinched nerve in my neck? My eye does twitch at times, but the tingling is driving me crazy. Anybody have some feedback for me. It is worse at the end of a busy day and when I am tired.

Thanks so much,

Hi before I saw this I posted anew thread with very similar symptoms. Mine just started today. My right cheek is tingerly, I also hve stiff/painful neck, which is not unusual for me, but I have never had it with this symptom before.
How are you now? Has it gone away or have you found out anymore?
I too have had weird sensations on my check, my right one actually. It feels cold and sometimes I feel like I'm drooling out of the right side of my mouth and my right eye feels like its watering. It's not pain, it's more like a pressure sensation with a fullness behind my right ear. Doctor appt. revealed nothing. I think it must be some sort of nerve being pinched, maybe in my neck. Very weird, it went away for almost a year and now is back with a vengence.

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