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Hi everyone,

I'm getting increasing scared and worried. I was in a MVA almost 8 months ago. I was the passanger, semi hit on my side, then front collision with a metal light pole. (was on a business trip and was the fault of the person I was riding with)

GP referred me to a neurologist and was diagnosed with severe whiplash. Treatments didn't help much...TENS unit, PT (seemed to increase pain) and trigger point injections.

About 2 months ago I started developing more symptoms. Increased pain in my neck, shoulders, and arms plus numbness in my fingers, especially my pinky and ring finger. WC case manager took me a different dr (ortho) because my neuro wanted to do another MRI. In his examination, he said I had hyper-reflexes and had the Hoffman’s reflex..."shouldn't be too concerned about it" (I had no idea at that point what he was talking about) He did a EMG ...(I discovered later it was an incomplete one because he stopped just above my elbow :mad:) Well, he said I had an entrapped ulnar never at the elbow. :confused: Couldn't be caused by the accident.

My original neuro dropped my because he was mad at WC, and would not treat me as long as I was under them. Shortly after that, my pain got severely worse. PM prescribed neurontin and vicodin. PM didn't seem concerned about my latest symptoms or pain (she had met with my CM right before my appointment)

I ended up going back to my GP because she was the only dr I could trust.
My symptoms at that point: shooting stabbing pain, more numbness in my hands, numbness in my smaller toes, aching muscles in my legs, wrinkling in my fingers when they would be numb (weird), and awfull headaches. She did complete blood test (normal) and sent me to a neuro in a bigger city.

WC adjuster said they wouldn't pay, all this had nothing to do with the accident because I was diagnosed with whiplash, and I was "doctor shopping".

New neuro looked at the cervical x-rays taken 2 days after the MVA and the flex x-rays taken by old neuro a month later. He said instead of my neck being curved, it was more like bent in an angle. In fact, the one taken a month later was even worse! Plus, there hasn't been an x-ray since, just a MRI. He wants to do an injection as an diagnostic test, then surgery. Would start process after WC approval. note...this should have been caught by the other drs!!

I had meeting afterwards with an attorney to discuss my case (had to visit with one in the bigger city because there were too my conflicts around my area)...figured it was about time to get one involved. This lawyer specializes in just WC and personal injury. He has to deal with this WC company all the time. He wasn't too shocked about my story...knew all the people involved. Said the ortho the CM sent me to is a "WC WH***". (the slang term for a postitute ) When I said I felt a little manipulated, his response was "just a LITTLE!?!?" I didn't sign with him right away, I wanted to to see what WC would do when they got the new results.

The PM has to refer me to this new neuro. Well, the PM nurse said the case manager was in there and said there was no way she was going to let me continue to see that neur. She wanted the injection done by the PM dr (who I don't trust) than I would have to go back to the ortho I had previously seen. :eek: Like I was going to do that! :rolleyes:

I then called the adjuster from the auto insurance, they're covering everything in the long run anyway. She said her hands were tied as long as WC was involved, and she even recommended I get a good attorney! I immediately signed and sent off the paperwork.

OK, this is now my situtation. The attorney mailed and faxed a letter requesting that I doctor with the neuro. They stressed this needed immediate attention do to my condition and my progressing symptoms. The attorney needs in writing the acceptance or denial in writing. If they deny it, we can send everything over to the auto insurance. That has been 3 WEEKS AGO. The lawyer keeps sending letters and leaving messages (the adjuster is never in and hasn't returned a phone call) By law, these awfull people have 30 days to respond. I think their goal is to torture me! :mad:

I am getting very concerned because more weird things are happening to my body. Along with the other problems: I now have been having difficulty swallowing, it feels like someone is sticking pins in my fingers, in the last 3 days..I've been having strange twitches in my muscles (it start in my left arm, and now is happening in other places), and when I have to pee, I have to go immediately. I can't take much more!

I don't know what to do. I'm scared because because I'm getting worse so fast. :( I'm not sure how much longer it will be before I can get back to the dr, I could be over 2 more weeks.

When does this become an emergency situation? When I wake up and can't move? Could my nerve roots be getting damaged beyond repair?

I know this got long, sorry.

Thanks for reading and any advise/help you can offer.

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