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Hi Aslo and Thanks for writing!!! :) Well to answer your ?'s umm I slipped going on 4 months ago and it seems ever since then, both feet hurt and burn bad and both thighs burn bad and I'm super sensitive to cold..make smy legs feel raw!!! also just lately the palms of my hands have been burning off and on and ny hand keeps falling asleep!! Its so weird makes me think I have some weird disease...the symptoms come and go..mostly ar ehere lately feet bother me alot and so do my burning legs..Can this be nerve damage suddenly? God if so can it be reversed? I can't see myself having to live like this I also awoke 2 yrs ago w/ SHL in my one ear w/ bad ringing in it!! I have enough going on besides this terrible burning!! I know stress and panic can mimic alot of diseases etc. and stress can do mad damage, when my ear went on me for no reason they say it was a virus that entered my ear and shut it down..I FREAKED out and I was numb back then too w/ weird symptoms and they went away after a year about...but this is different MUCH worse and bad burning I can't remember having burning..I get so scared reading about peripheral neuropathy cause there are so many causes and one is HIV...YIKES...I was w/ only one guy my whole life..I do no drugs, don't drink don't smoke and i'm very healthy although I don't feel it w/ this damn burning going on..I am on xanax 0.25mg before bedtime for the last 2 years since my ear incident. thanks, lena

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