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Lm, I wish i could tell you more, ease your fears, and even take the pain away if i could.Unfortunately, im not qualified and I may be in even worse shape than you.
I cant really guess to well from what youve said. You seem to remember the slip right before this, but to effect the areas youre talking about would mean upper and lower spine, nerve involvement. When you sllipped was your lower back hurting for awhile?
Does anything like that hurt now? Did you take any different medications right before this time? Were you very very stressed then, when this all started. You have to think back as best as you can. As far as panic disorder, it can do plenty. I know from experience, and also i can tell you that you are extremely anxious from your posts (and i cant blame you) Panic changes your whole body, its a prehistoric reaction
flight or fight, that floods your body with chemicals, adrenaline, cortisol, and more.
It sends blood to different areas, takes them from one place and can send them to others to prepare you to die if necessary. It makes changes in your muscles. Your body chemistry is so messed up that you cant tolerate simple medications you took before, or even foods now disagree with you. Aprox. 85% of people with panic disorder experience neuropathy, muscle pain as well as a host of other symptoms.
Ill tell you a little about my story. Fairly stressed began to have colitis symptoms,
terrible bowel movements, nausea, abdominal pain. I owned my own business and i do fairly heavy work, so hurting my back is a fairly common thing. I usually go to a chiropractor, and do stretches etc to take care of it. I use a weight machine twice a week for years. Then came my first panic attack. Im a family man, crazy about my daughter(12). I wasnt able to go on an important trip with her last year. I took her to the airport, and when she was on the escalator to the plane, she looked at me, i looked at her, and something happened. i felt like i was having a heart attack, i started to sweat like a pig, i couldnt breathe,pushed the airport door open and went to my car. The pounding in my head was incredible. I tried to get out of the parking lot, but kept running over curbs and such, i felt i was going to pass out so i pulled over. i asked myself if i was having a heart attack, but realized that the look from my daughter started it, so it must be panic. After that i was fairly normal, but i still didnt feel right. I took a sudafed which i take on occasion, and it felt like the attack was going to start again. Weeks passed and i was so upset with my intestinal problem and
and the threat to my business. I am normally terrified of hospitals and such, but now i found myself cancelling appointments with doctors out of fear. i finally kept one appointment, the doctor gave me a medicine, and the intestinal problem got worse.
I sat on the couch, felt something move near my shoulder blade, and my lower back.
The next morning i woke up with a partially numb arm, and sharp pains shooting down the outside of my thigh. It had begun. Since it all started with the g.i. stuff, i had a gastroscopy, colonoscopy, small bowel series, ultrasound, blood work galore, stool studies, etc. etc.
So, is it from the intestinal problem,the medicine, did i injure my back or neck, was it the panic,
or all of the above?
My neuropathy got worse, and everything makes it worse. A shower like you say is terrible, sleeping was difficult, even getting a massage, made me turn into a human vibrator a little later. I had muscle twitches and spasms all over the place. I became agoraphobic, who wants to go to the mall feeling like this. Plus i still have the bowel problem.
Anyway, thats a little of how it started. i couldnt enjoy a movie because it hurt to sit,
a swim in my pool made me feel worse later, pure hell.
Anyway as i said through many different treatments, it did get better, almost a year later. The neuropathy was a 10, now its a 2. However i still have muscle pains, twitching, the intestinal problem is about 70% better. As far as the neuropathy,
it takes a long time, and i had to learn to do easy exercises a couple of times a day.
If you are not taking calcium magnesium, you should add that. Its easily depleted.
and takes a while to get back into the body. Also magnesium deficiency doesnt always show up in blood work.
I really think you should talk to your doctor about taking the xanax three times a day for awhile and see if that effects it. Also walking, light exercise, good diet,
and patience.Unfortunately, many neuropathies are of unknow cause, so you may never know no matter how much testing you do. But the real trick is working on your anxiety, and working slowly toward your recovery. If it improves, then you can assume you are effecting it, and its not a horrible disease. In your case, i dont think it is. Possibly muscular/skeletal with anxiety disorder, in any case i feel your body has been shocked to a poor state in some manner. Keep trying.

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