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This is my first post to the board and I am so glad that I have found all of you, so I don't think I am the only one suffering with these symptons
For the past year I have varying degress of buring/pins and needles, electrical feeling in my feet, back of legs, trunk, hands and sometimes when it gets really bad, my face which is excruciating! It started when I was going to a naturopath, and he gave me tons and tons of viatmins, enzymes, you name it and my neurologist thinks that this may have caused some nerve trauma which he said would resolve in several days to months. Well.....that was last August 2004!!

It did subside after 4-5 months,(on a scale of 1-10) was a 15 and went to a 1-2. Thought it actually went away until about 6 weeks ago. I had my usual chiropractic adjusmtent which I get about every month and somehow I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst buring feet, which escalated to my legs, hands, face, with pins/needles and burning. The terrible sensations starting subsiding a little bit by June 6. Had surgery on June 10th (hysterectomy, but kept ovaries, so don't think it is hormonal) and was fine- - no buring, pain, etc, ( my neuro thinks it might be because I was on a Morphine drip for the pain and took vicuprofin for the pain when I came home last week). Well, I am now off all pain meds as of last Sunday this neuropathy came back with a vengence!!!!
The buring is horrible and is all over my body- - it is horrible. The buring is only slightly, and I mean slightly relieved by Xanax, which I have been taking to keep it under control- - but that is only minimually working. I have been taking .50 Xanax 2 times a day for about a year and it has taken the edge of this. My neuro wants me to take Cymbalta which is for nerve pain and an anti-depressant. He put me on Neuronontin last year(sp) which made me spacy and did not really help. He then wanted me to take Amitriptyline as he said this helps with the pain. I did not want to take it last year- -as I am scared to death of anti-depressants, even though some of them are used for pain. I am at my wits end and am at the point of trying the cymbalta- -my neuro says his patients are having very good results from it.
I was wondering if anyone has ever had these delibating symptons and if cymblalta helped? Any other advice would be much appreicated. Other than that I am a very healthy woman who enjoys life and my job.

Thanks so much! :confused:
SC :rolleyes:

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