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Jul 16, 2005
I am new to this board. I was diagnosed with CIDP about three years ago and have had my ups and downs with the treatments. The heat and humidity of summer seem to cause the syptoms to become more pronounced. I am looking for others with the same or similar disease hoping to find some encouragement and advice.
Re: Cidp
Jul 16, 2005
HI there, I'm curious how were you DX w/ cidp? If you don't mind me asking, I'm getting weird symptoms also and Bad burning in thighs and feet and now hands and my legs and feet feel numbish..very weird!!! I think cidp is like guillan barre right?? but the symptoms last longer or something to that effect? Are there times when all your symptoms are gone? this happens to me too...I know the heat feels like crap on my skin...I forsure have some sort of sensory neuropathy I can tell..If you wanna chat sometime i'm here for a shoulder to lean on! I'm suffering bad myself..
To better days...
Lena :wave:
Re: Cidp
Jul 18, 2005
Hi - I have had CIDP for 26 years. The heat & humidity aggrivate mine as well. CIDP is assumed to be an auto immune demyelinating neuropathy. How are you being treated? - my docs have me on daily imuran, bimonthly IVIG and occasional solumedrol pulses (for the nasty flare ups only). Infection and stress bring on attacks for me - and lately hormonal (PMS?) shifts aggrivate the sensory portion . I'm very lucky, though, my sister is very creative seamstress - she made me a cooling vest (it's cotton w/ little pockets for small ice packs) so I can cool down when I get over heated. If there's any CIDP questions feel free to ask - I'll answer as well as I can. Take Care! Kiki9

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