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An MRI of the c spine really would be your best bet.I now have a severely damaged C8 nerve caused by surgery and my last two fingers on both hands are numb.The ulnar nerve hooks up in correlation to the C 8 nerve.An mRI will most likely show some sort of a problem affecting that particular nerve or something wrong with the T1.hope it is not serious.Please keep me posted on just what you find.FB

Thanks for your response. The neurologist who supervised the NCS and actually performed the EMG said that the problem is somewhere in the brachial plexus. After surfing the net, I came across a pancoast tumor, but kind of doubt that it would be that because the ulnar nerve problem is in both hands as the tumor would be on one side or the I'm leaning to what you suggested also with the C8 or the T1....but I don't have what I consider neck pain....neck does "crackle" and hurt somewhat when I turn it from side to side but I thought that was normal....but, on the other hand, I thought it was normal to have throat pain every time you swallow until I recently had my tonsils out at age 53. Would I have severe neck pain with this type of problem and would the EMG and NCS have picked up on it?....neurologist said no problem in the neck.

Having tonsils out brings up another interesting point. Young woman who put IV on top of left hand sent excruciating pain several times through hand. I'm a strong person when it comes to pain tolerance and have had IV's before and donate blood frequently, but NOTHING like what happened that day......after 3 to 4 attempts and horrible, horrible pain, the vein blew. An anesthesiologist came and put the IV right under the left elbow on the inside of the hand after first numbing the area...which I didn't care for because if he hit a nerve, I wouldn't be able to feel it....that vein also blew after surgery. That night when I went home after surgery, numbness and motor problems suddenly started....numbness progressed each day until the point that I have now. I'm not sue happy and have no intensions of suing over a side effect of venipuncture, if that is my problem...sometimes I think docs are leary of diagnosing problems of other medical professionals as they don't want to be involved in lawsuits, and I can't blame them. I just want to find out what it is and what to do to make it better. About a week ago, when I typed, I found I was leaving out letters that the pinky and ring fingers on the left hand would hit...but not doing it really feel left hand is getting better.

Another note: I have a herniated and a ruptured disk in the lower back. Had a piece of a disc removed that had broken away and wedged itself against the spinal cord. It was instant was in Dec. of 2000. Some lower back pain, but nothing severe so far.

Noticed you had removal of cavernous hemagiona....did you have an EMG and NCS that discovered it? Also, was it visible on the skin?

Thanks again for your response! :)


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