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Just had an EMG and a NCS and was told I have motor and sensory loss involving the ulnar nerve in both hands. I was aware of the left hand, the reasoning for the tests...doc thought it was an ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome). The neurologist also tested the right hand. It is affected also, but not as bad as the left hand.

Was told I have carpal tunnel syndrome...who doesn't...but am concerned with the numbness and motor function in the hands with pinky and half of ring finger. EMG and NCS indicates there is an ulnar nerve problem but it's not in the wrist, elbow or neck. Have another appointment on August 10 with neurosurgeon who I am told will probably order an MRI. Anyone have a similar issue and what was the outcome?

An MRI of the c spine really would be your best bet.I now have a severely damaged C8 nerve caused by surgery and my last two fingers on both hands are numb.The ulnar nerve hooks up in correlation to the C 8 nerve.An mRI will most likely show some sort of a problem affecting that particular nerve or something wrong with the T1.hope it is not serious.Please keep me posted on just what you find.FB
i have had many EMGs over the past few years but they never would have picked up on the ca as EMGs only show nerve damage and nothing was actually found on the MRI I had done to find which disc was giving me the pain and numbness in my first two fingers.There was also nothing on the skin that would have shown just what creepy nasty things were lurking underneath in my spinal cord.I really do think that your problem is definitely coming from somewhere very near the C 8 nerve.those last two fingers would be the ones that would correlate with it.i sure hope you can find the problem and have it corrected.Please keep me posted.FB

Thanks for sharing your info...will definitely let you know what we find out...things move so slowly in a situation like this...have to wait til August 10 for apt. to get an MRI scheduled then schedule another apt. for results.

Thanks again,

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