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I am so sorry about what your daughter,and you are having to deal with.unfortunetly as you already know, the chances of nerve recovery in a tramatic incident such as your daughter has experienced are unfortunetly pretty slim.the test you are referring to is called a nerve conduction will reveal just how damaged the nerves really are.from what you described,with the atrphy of the muscles it does sound pretty bad.I have the same thing happening in my left arm and hand due to a spinal cord surgery that damaged alot of spinal nerves that innervated alot of muscles in the lower forearm and hand.i can no longer pinch really well or rotate my thumb under the fingers anymore and have lost alot of muscle as well.espescially at the base of my thumb and forefinger.unfortunetly, once the damage gets to this point, there really is not alot of hope for the nerves to regenerate and what she has right now will most likely be the extent of her recovery.BUT getting her to a good physiatrist and hand therepist will help her the best possble way in being able to try and work around the damage and to get the best possible outcome.I really am sorry that I do not have better news for you,truely.With lots of love and support and considering that she is still pretty young,she will be able to accomplish some pretty amazing things with her good hand and only limited use of her other hand,trust me.children have some sort of ability to adapt much better and make appropriate changes than someone who is my age(44) and trying to deal with the disabilities that I have now as there is much more extensive damage that I have to deal with that I have not sound like a very loving and caring mom and that you are doing everything possible to help your child and quite honestly this is really what your daughter needs the most right now.Just get her to a good hand therepist for the best chance at getting at least some use from the hand.i was really amazed at how great my therepists were at helping gain at least something back after my surgery caused so much nerve damage.please keep me posted on how things go for your daughter.I really do feel for you and what you are going through.Good luck,marcia

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