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I agree with you that this does not sound as though it is coming from PN,not at all the norm with that.Did you actually have any sort of surgical procedure done for your shoulder problem?Even with or without, it sounds like you have a definite nerve injury.I have the same types of symptoms you are having and my problems are stemming from direct nerve injury from spinal cord surgery.when you mentioned the "neuro" is this a neurosurgeon or ologist?Even if this is a NS you need to find another who actually knows what the heck they are actually does not sound like this idiot knows much about any sort of nerve injuries.a good NS would be your best bet for Dx and treatment.Or once you get a dx of what is wrong from him, move onto a good pain doc for help with controlling your pain.i doubt at this point that any sort of surgical intervention would really help with this and could make things worse.but please see a good NS and get a full eval from him or her.Please keep me posted,K?FB
Hello KB
Pain wise,everything was hitting me at the same time.Had an upper left lobecctomy (lung),finished the chemo.Had complained to all Docs about the severe pain in my rib/breast area.Was told they had to separate the ribs to remove the lung & most likely I have nerve damage there & it takes awhile to heal.It's been 18 mos.
So the surgury or Chemo,caused the PN...
Doc said my frozen shoulder was from pampering my left side too much.Wrong,had it in both shoulders,now what !Doc wanted therapy @ $240.00 month,so I did my own therapy at home.
Yes,I agree the neurologist is kicked to the curb.
Now I hear that Chemo can damage the thyroid too....Another day another dollar to a Doctor.
Take Care JL

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