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Heel to Toe Test
Sep 2, 2005
OK, I have just tried closing my eyes and walking heal to toe in a straight line and I am all over the shop, is this bad? I can do it easy with my eyes open, and I can do it easy with my eyes open and looking well away from my feet, like at the ceiling, but the second I close my eyes, I keep losing my balance.

is this very bad? I did it with my arms extemded out by my sides, and I also have some difficulty standing on 1 foot when I close my eyes, my balance is good, but the second I close my eyes, I go quite wobbly and often have to put a foot down.

I also have cold feet, but then I have had cold feet for as long as I can remember, and ticklish!

I dont have any pain really, I jog regularly without any problems, my legs are quite strong, I do weight training also.

I have been a tad trembly the last few days but that maybe because I have suffered with Anxiety/Stress the last few weeks quite badly, I have had all sorts of symptoms, numbness, tingling etc, pins and needles, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, etc

being very paranoid about my health now, I was checking my balance when I noticed I struggled with my eyes closed, then I saw this Neuropathy section, and read it, maybe it was a bad idea reading it, or maybe it was a good idea, I dont know, any advice or help would be very much appreciated.

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