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I have been on increasing doses of Gabapentin for a neuropathy type thing in my hand. Started on 100 mg a few of weeks ago and was on 3 x day 300 mg. starting last Sunday. I seemed to be fine so I decided to drive to a friend's house over 100 miles away. About 30 miles from home and 5 hours from last dose, I started experiencing some blurring of vision. It would come and go. Road signs would be clear and the next ones I couldn't read until right up on them and then they weren't as clear as I knew they should be.
I pulled over to the side of the road and called my doctor's nurse....she talked to doctor and I was told to call an ambulance.,,in case I was stroking out or something. Blurred vision can be a side effect of Gabapentin....note from Dr on it says to call Dr if it continues or is bothersome. I didn't know it would be a problem today as it didn't seem to be Sun,Mon or Tues. I started to cry... tried to ask if I should just sit ...for how long? because I figured it would pass. Just didn't know when.
What would I do with my truck and once released from emergency room at Mayo( closest facility), how would I get home? My husband is working a ways from home in opposite direction.
I chose to sit for an hour and then drove back was clear.
I then tried calling my doctor's nurse, who didn't call back. I had said I would call her in an hour after sitting to see if side effect would subside. If I had been home, I wouldn't have called about the vision as I don't think I would have noticed it. Road signs were the clue for me.
I called ER and advisory nurse told me not to drive in whatsoever but that I should come to ER. I would be endangering people if I drove myself. :nono: I paid a Taxi to come out( rural) instead of calling ambulance as I could see fine. She said law enforcement wouldn't be happy if I drove in.
Dr at ER said I did the right thing. I was really crying by this time as I was upset about what advisory nurse had said. I was cautious about driving and have been since I started the gabapentin. ER Dr. said it most likely was the
( gabapentin)and said to back off to 300 mg. twice a day as I had been doing. That 600 mg. is still a pretty good dose and it might take a few more weeks for me to really notice effects on lessening the hypersensitivity.
He said they have some diabetics with peripheral neuropathy that are only taking 300 mg....and yes, others that are taking 600mg 3x a day, but they have more than a small area on body affected.
When I had seen my primary Dr. Sept 2,she said that I was still on a pretty low dose and that 1200 to 1800 mgs a day were pretty much the normal daily dose for gabapentin to not to expect a lot at 600 mgs a day.
Some days, it doesn't pay to get out of bed. :(

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