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[QUOTE=eric edwards;3610517]Iwas greatly uplifted from the current depression as i too had 4 weeks ago a humerous fracture. i had a titanium plate and 13 screws inserted and have developed radial nerve palsey. I was informed by the consultant that a nerve conduction test was done during the opperation and it showed successfull. I have now been out of the sling for over 1 week by advice of the physio and doictor staff and have a staighterarm at the lbow. i have current difficulty extending my elbow but that is improving which is an associated radial nerve palsey issue. I also have wrist drop with no current ability to move my wrist up atall so my hand flops down . i am doing all the physio exercises regularly and although it is early days i am hopeing that i will recover before too long . i will keep you up to date of my progress but each day a small seemingly insignificat improvement takes place such as do my shoe laces and push an empty trolley . as i am a lecturer of highly practical content manual dexterity is vital in my role . i am happy to see you recovered "broken arm 1" i just hope my recovery ends with as good as a result as yours . please feel free to reply to me directly if yopu so wish .[/QUOTE]

Hi there,

I fractured my humerous into 8 pieces after a car accident in April. They couldnt fix it so I had a total shoulder replacement. As a result of the surgery my radial and ulner nerves were damaged. Basically my whole left arm wrist and hand was left in a paralyzed state, I couldnt move anything and I had total wrist drop. It all seemed so bad and I thought my arm wrist and hand would never work again. I was completly incapacitated. I am happy to report that now, 4 and a half months on most of the damage has come back. I can move my arm wrist and hand and I've managed to get my elbow almost straight again! (I was in a sling for 3 months). I achieved this through physio, and working hard on the excercises I was given to do at home. I can even drive again now, although I had to buy an automatic car as I still don't have enough strength in my hand to change gears. I've been told it may take up to a year and a half for the damage to fully come back, but I can do most things with what I have now. I hope my story gives others out there who are going through the same thing some hope. If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask,


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