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I have been diagnosed with CFIDS/FM and now lyme. One of my many symptoms is leg pain. This pain is pretty much 24/7. It is a burning pain in muscles, especially calves and thighs, knees and ankles. The pain is constant, it does not matter if I am sitting, standing or walking. If anything walking may relieve pain, but the more I walk the worse they feel the next day. A no win situation. I have also noticed if I squat a lot one day they hurt more the next.

The pain is not restricted to legs. As the day goes on, if I am inside in the AC, my upper back, shoulders and arms begin to burn. The burning in my upper body is double that in legs while the pain in legs is double that in upper body.

After seeing a rhumatologist he diagnosed me with FM and put me on Gabapentin, Tizidine and Tramadol for a month. After 21 days I felt nothing and ran out of Tramadol and could not refill for a day. The burning and pain doubled several hours after missing dose. The next day I was able to refill Tramadol and felt much better an hour after dose. The next day I took my meds and was supper dizzy two hours later, Believe me I am dizzy enough as it is. 4 hours later I was puking. This happened the same for three days straight and was unable to pick my child up from school so I had to quit the drugs. I was in intense pain for 9 days.

Does this sound like PN? If it is being caused by lyme, if I even have lyme, can it be reversed or will I have to live with this for the rest of my life?


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