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Two and a half months ago I had a hernia surgery and all seemed to go well. I lost feeling just below the insision but that was expected. About a week after the operation the upper tricep area of my right arm and went numb to behind my shoulder. Coincidence? The next six weeks was like that. Then I went to my Family Practice MD with light headedness and nausea. I had a slight fever of 99.8. All blood tests were normal including Lyme. He suspected intestinal virus. The next symptom was waking up with both little fingers asleep, and a little numb. They easily woke up when I moved them. Now, another month later, I've discovered that if I lay on my left side, the left little finger falls asleep and if I lay on my right side my right pinky falls asleep. I've also notice a slight numbing of my left foot. I've seen a neurologist who gave me a clinical test and could find nothing abnormal, well, perhaps my knee reflexes were a little large but within normal range. I took an EMG on the numb spot on my tricep/shoulder that came out normal but the other part of the EMG where they tested the current in my hand it was slightly abnormal. Normal being 4.0 to 5.7. I was at 6.1. The neurologist didn't seem to be concerned. The newest symptom is twitching all over my body but mostly in my legs. Very tiny but visible (barely).
Other symptoms. Tired arms and legs, tired but strong. Sunburned feeling on face, and shoulders. There seems to be some things here that suggest possible MS but others that don't right?

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