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it is perfectly okay to take your normal pain meds and muscle relaxers during these tests since they do not actually affect what the tests actually test for.i was told this by the neurologist who did my very first EMG way back when all i had was my herniated disc and also the physiatrist who did another one post spinal cord will not actually affect the results.

just an FYI,but you have seperate motor and sensory nerves they are not one nerve so it is very possible to have an abnormal read with one but not the also have motor and sensory nerve fibers within the cord too.these types of tests will only pick up on actual real damage or compression not pain from a bone spur or intermittant compression unless the nerve happens to be compressed during the actual test.this just shows real affectation that is a you can be suffering some pretty incredible heights of pain and signs of nerve compression and still manage to actually have a perfectly normal test.strange and frustrating for the patient,but true.Marcia

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