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Hello -- I'm back from the extra lead implant , did it help ? Yes it has except for the pain in my toe's . If your looking for relief whithout taken alot of opiates check into this implant . NOT everyone has problems with these. I have read alot of great stories how it works for some. I have got relief from it . My legs do not hurt , and when the swelling goes down maybe my toe's wont either. My feet are even better now. I do still need med's for my back pain though. But the worse pain is greatly reduced . NO not completly gone but reduced to where I can deal with it.

If your like me your probably tired of taken drugs that make your head foggy. I wish you the best and hope you find an answer to all your pain.

[QUOTE=bolrjax;3171715]Hello, I have read alot of your posts you seem really informed on p/n and the treatment for it. You mentioned the spinal stimulator has issues, I am currently trying to gather all the info i can on it in order to make a descison on whether to give the trial a shot or not. I would greatly appreciate any info good or bad that you can share with me.[/QUOTE]

I think the trial is such a good thing. It is fairly easy to have done and not very painful. It might just be the best thing that ever happened for you regarding your pain! Worse case, it does not help and they take the leads out. Yes, I have had problems. My leads migrated and I am having surgery in a few days to replace my system. I still believe it has been and will continue to be a great tool for me. It does not get rid of pain, but it masks some of it and for me that is a huge blessing. Please let me know if I can answer anymore questions. Take care, Mcarr

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