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Yeah that is correct in my case I have small fiber neuropathy that was verfied from a surgical biopsy done by my DR and this company was the one who examined the specimen. You should go there and read the information on the the therapath site. Basically my PN covers my feet,calfs,legs,arms,back,chest I also have the autonomic small fiber nerve damage that destroyed the nerves in the stomach so I have gastric paresis. Anyways there are different types of neuropathys you have the large nerve fibers that are mylenated and are responsible for like balance and muscle contraction etc and then the small sensory fibers which are not mylenated aka do not have a protective wrapping around them and are can be easliy fried because they are not protected. These small nerves are responsible for all your pain sensations that you feel, shooting shocking burning, throbbing, etc etc. They first ran an EMG test and it came back fine, however EMG only test LARGE nerve fibers and NOT small..... I was able to pinpoint in my case the exact day I got sick and rule out other causes (there is only about a dozen things that cause neuropathy) to something that I was taking that that caused my toxic poisioning. I cannot say what since I am in litigation with the company. Right now I am on Methadone I tried the other narcotics didnt do much but methadone has this NMDA atagonsim for nerve pain, and I take Lyrica, Nortriptiline, zofran, Lidocaine patches, and I am going to probably be having a lidocaine infusion and if that does not work a ketamine infusion I believe here shortly. Unfortunetly there really is not any medication that exists to really knock out nerve pain at the moment. Hopefully something in the future,,, they do have something callied Prialt Zicondine like a toxin from a snail but it is only available in the pain infusion pump into the spine and can have some nasty side effects like hallucinations that they have to monitor etc. Any other questions feel free to ask =)

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