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Hello. I've been in excruciating pain and I'm getting nowhere. I was told over the summer by a Neurologist that she thought I had permanent nerve damage and she recommended a spinal cord stimulator to help me with this pain. I was referred to another doc who ordered a CT/Myelogram. He said that, if it didn't show structural compression, he would agree with that Dx. I just got the results today and sure enough, it didn't. Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved that nothing is physically wrong but am very frustrated that I'm in all this pain and they can't do anything to help me. I just talked to his nurse practitioner and she said they didn't know what was next for me. All they know is that my help won't be coming from surgical intervention. Again, I'm glad about that but....
I'm already taking Lorcet and have been for many months now. In fact, it's not really toning down the pain level like it used to. I'd love NOT to be taking any pain meds but without something I'm climbing the walls. Two weeks ago, my Pain doc added Lyrica. Are any of you taking this and if so, is it helping? I've been on Cymbalta already and it helped but very, very briefly so they took me off of it.
My question is, has anyone been given a Dx of permanent nerve damage and if so, what do you do to cope? Have you found a device, a medicine, a therapy ???? I welcome any suggestions. I am starting to feel like my life isn't going to improve. I am only 34, have no kids, can't work, don't sleep well...etc. I need PEACE!
Thank you for reading my ramblings on. I appreciate your patience.
I have permanent nerve damage and have the spinalcord stimulator implanted , it has taken some of my calf pain away , my back /hips /thigh and feet -toes still hurt like crazy . I'm going to have another lead implanted on Wed. so maybe they can erase some more pain. This stim helps but it doesn't take it all away . But it sounds like any relief would benefit you . That was the case with me I couldn't stand it any longer so opted for the stim. I also take 175MG Lyrica 3 times a day and Cymbalta at bedtime and only 30MG's of Hydrocodone a day. My PM Dr. feels as if its enough for me. isn't close ! Any questions I gladly answer for you.

You are looking to max out the meds and try to get as much relief and see if they work before you go to the next step which would be a trial phase SCS spinal cord stimulator or a pain pump.
They use Lyrica, Cymbalta, Amitryptiline, Oxycontin, Methadone is what I use its good for neuropathic pain because it has NMDA atagonist properties and the other narcotics do not. Lidocaine patches, possibly nerve blocks, and Ketamine infusion for a few hours may provide relief, in the us how ever they will not do a ketamine coma you will need 20k and to go to europe. Also in canada they have sativix which is THC and canabis in a spray format for neuropathic pain, you could look into that. After you max all the narcotics and drugs do not work you could try a trial stiumulator to see if it will give you any relief however they have lots of issues and personally I would avoid one at all costs. Then you go to the pain pump and there is a medication called prialat from the snail cone toxin zicondiane and you can put other pain meds in your pump. In the future there may be new medications that they are working on but we are all preying for that, right now nothing really exists for nerve damage except that prialt snail toxin in the pump but it has several side effects.

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