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i would really start doing some very in depth research on contrst dye itself and the possible complications of just having in your body.also if you have to have any sort of procedure done with contrast in the future,make sure the doc knows about this reaction and also ask him/her to rx you a med called Mucomyst?i have to take this before any sort of contrasted procedure as i have kidney disease and the contrast is extremely hard on the kidneys,espescially if your creatinine is out of really does hit those kidneys with a huge punch.what the muco does (you have to drink it,and unfortunetly it tastes and smells really alot like rotton eggs?sulpher??)is actually pulls the contrast out of the kidneys before it actually gets into them.i think this could possibly prevent it from also spreading toall of those parts of the body.I would actually have to research that a bit further to actually know for sure.but I would use it even if i did not actually have kidney disease,more or less as just a really isn't all THAT bad.if you mix it with a small amount of OJ you can hardly taste it at only take about 5ccs at a time.two times the day before the procedure(morning and night) and the same thing the day of,before and right after.It really DOES help to get that crap out of your system asap.this stuff actually binds with the contrast and from what I was told just pulls it right out.just a thought.You all really do sound as though you have some sort of a neuropathic disorder such as possible RSD or central pain syndrome.I have both unfortunetly,but there are many types of neuropathic types of pain disorders that can come from any sort of nerve damage.I do feel for you really.Getting to a good pain management doc to treat this level of pain would really be the best way to go for you,honestly,i did not get any real relief from my hidious and bizarre pain til i started seeing my current pain doc.they really do understand this type of pain much better than any primary or even NS docs.they can also use many types of modalities and meds to treat pain that no other types of docs can possibly offer you.i really do think at the very least giving one of these docs would really be the best way to go.I really don't know just how horrible my pain would be(and it is still in the excruciating range at times)without my wonderful caring PM.I hope you all can find at least a tolerable level of relief for your suffering.I really do know what you are going thru and quite frankly,it just plain sucks.hang in there,Marcia

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