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Hello. I am a 27 year old male and I believe I have Neuropathy. It stated slowly almost a year ago. At first I just had a pain in my right hand (index finger), but over the last several months it has progressed. It is now in both hands and feet. I feel worse pain, tingling sensations in both hands occasionally, a reduction in strength, less mobility, sharp pains from time to time, and my hands/feet feel exhausted in the mornings. My hands/feet will fall asleep very easily. I have also noticed that my joints, like my knees & elbows seem weaker and seem to be 'popping' more often.

My father has diabetes, so I had blood and urine tests done to rule that out. The Doctor said it came back clean and very normal. He did tell me to take Omega-3 as one level on the chart was a little low. I am starting to take that as of today. The Doctor said I could have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but I havenít been diagnosed with anything as of yet. I am scheduled to see a Neurologist, but that appointment is still a few months away with the long waiting lists.

I have been drinking since I was a teenager. I do not drink everyday, and many times when I drink it is only a couple. There have been, however, times when I have gone on binges. Also, I have drunk a little more in the recent few years. About 2 weeks ago I read that alcohol can cause Neuropathy, so I stopped drinking.

My job involves sitting at a computer all day and I have been a drummer since I was a teenager. This problem is starting to seriously get in the way of the things I do for a living. I can still do them, but fear if it gets much worse I will do irreversible damage. As of a month ago I stopped working, and playing drums to avoid further damage.

I have several questions about this. Could this be caused by alcohol? If so, is this nerve damage permanent, or can the symptoms go away if alcohol use is stopped. How long would it take for this to get better after a person stopped drinking? Is any amount of alcohol ok while recovering (like 1 drink in a day, occasionally)? Should I take vitamin supplements like folic acid or thiamine? Is there any thing else I can do to help the process?

Also, if this is not alcohol related, what else could be causing this, and what can be done?

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies, all advice is appreciated. Any questions about this, please just let me know. I have been quite stressed out about this lately as it is putting my life on hold. I just want to get back to doing the things that I do, as soon as possible.

All the best,
Hi Steven, I have just been diagnosed with small fibre neuropathy which is very painful. Started in the feet and now all the way up the leg to the hips and buttocks and now in hands. I have been told this is usually slowly progressive. I am now 46 but it started 4 years ago. They say it is idopathic which I guess means they can find no cause as to why this has happened. The thing is I used to be a heavy drinker for about 8 years whilst going through some seriously bad marriage problems. I too binge drank to try to blot things out (big mistake). I told the doctors this and they say that yes it could have attributed to nerve damage and also that the alcohol could have damaged the stomach so that it does not absorb vitamins properly and then lead to the nerve damage. Either way I know in my heart that the drinking and stress during that period is the probable cause. You are only young so hopefully can reverse or stop this progressing. I do sometimes have a glass of wine but it really does make the nerve pain worse the next day so I guess the answer is leave it alone until you find out for sure the cause of this thing. Love Pauline

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