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I have this also and the best advice the doctor gave me is not to have the surgery because there is more risk associated with it than reward. With mine I can't hold my arms over my head with out them going numb. Curling my hair use to be difficult, but over the last 15 years I have actually gotten better in away. I had the carpal tunnel done on both hands (horizontal cuts were better than vertical into the palm) and I have since started cymbalta for my neuropathty. The dx is just one of those things that it is good to know, but not much you can do something about. You might also want to try a chiropracter because you might actually be pinching a nerve too.

Mikesgirl: In physical therapy for my back, (I was also receiving OT for carpal tunnel) my PT stumbled onto the possibility of my having TOS (although he never specifically called it that) I had angina, carpal tunnel, and sometimes would wake up with horrible pain in my arm...he would do a subclavian slide thing that seemed to help the problem...
[B] I have found my exercise ball (55cm) to be my best friend: I walk forward while sitting on the ball, with the ball "rolling down my back" until I am stretched out on the ball with the ball in the shoulder blade area and my legs straight--I extend my arms out wards (actually I let each arm hang limply
outwards) This opens up the whole subclavian area and I hold the "stretch" for the longest before walking up back to a sitting position on the ball...I have actually gone to sleep in this position and rolled off the ball! Since doing this exercise, the angina has decreased remarkably and I feel great!
Hope this helps you! :wave: [/B]

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