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Jay EMG will definatelty show a compression at any spot of the ulnar nerve. The pain, however, from any compression, (no matter where it is) will generate the pain throughout your arm and shoulder. How would I know you ask? Dec 04 I had unlar nerve decompression at the elblow, worst thing I ever done. The surgery wasnt successfull and I got RSD as a result. Was it worth it? NO WAY!! I now suffer EXCURCUIATING pain 24/7 will never work again and have lost almost the entire use of my arm as a result. matter what your EMG's say..please, for your own safety, talk to your doc at length about ALL the risks (they dont like to tell you about RSD) and everthing else ( the success rate of the surgery is VERY low) before you do anything drastic. Just putting my 2 cents in for what its worth...hope this help....C
A BIG ditto on what the above poster just stated.also get at the very least,one other opinion before contemplating any sort of surgery espescially when it involves the will be so glad that you took the time to really research all possible complications before doing anything me on that one.I wish I had held off on my herniated disc surgery many years ago but like alot of people,i just wanted to have surgery get rid of the pain and get on with my life and did not take the time at that point to really look into other options and believe me,i did suffer for it.just please take all the time and ask all the questions before consenting to anything.Marcia
Hi Jayboy. Back in the early 70's I had the same type of pain, esp when I raised my right arm. A doctor finally found that I had a different blood pressure for each arm. Turns out that I had been born with something called scalenus anticus syndrome. Seems that whenever I raised my arm it caused the shoulder muscle to pinch my blood vessels and nerve against my collar bone, causing me all of the pain in my right arm. The blood was pooling at that site on the collar bone. I guess it is also called thorasic outlet syndrome. Well, anyway, I had surgery right away and it was not painful or a big deal and I had immediate relief. An internist did the surgery and was so excited to do my case since it is quite rare. He just cut away the muscle so it didn't interfere. Look into it and good luck! :angel:

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