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I started to have burning sensation (sometimes painful) on my finger tips and toes (bilateral) after an Abdominal CT Scan (with oral and IV contrast). Not sure if this is paresthesia as I have not been officially diagnosed yet.

At first, this problem was persistent (day and night, though worse in the evening). Its been 2 months now since all this started and lately I notice that the problem goes away (or becomes very mild) for a few days but only to come back strongly and then it remains that way for the next few the cycle continues. (when it is present, it is always worse in the evening)

I don't know what causes it to go away(or become very mild) and what causes it to come back. I maintain a mental diary of everyday events and nothing seems to explain this.

The only "medication" I am on is a B12 sublingual(the methyl version) and have taken two B12 shots in the past month.

Also, I should mention that I have undergone a host of blood tests. All normal..B12 was 313 (which is lower end of normal)...but not sure if that is causing I started to have this problem only after the Abdominal CT Scan.

Any ideas about what might be causing the "paresthesia" to go away and come back intermittently will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

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