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yesterday, I saw the surgeon who did my second carpal tunnel release Dec. 19. He said the surgeon who did the original CTR on my left hand in Feb, nicked the nerve in the wrist, below the incision . No wonder i had the pain, hypersensitivity, and stiffness I did.
Surgeon said he did the best he could as far as getting most of the " lots of scar tissue" and entrapment in the area...said their was nerve damage. He said he doesn't think it will ever be 100% and that it may take up to a year for me to even see if there is improvement. I am really depressed. I was on Neurontin, but had intolerable side effect, so was switched to amytriptyline and put on Lexapro as well. I have struggled through my farm work ( my job) of milking 70-80goats and shipping milk to a cheese plant. No WC for me and I don't have disability ins. I cannot do another year like this past year, but have no idea what my options are. I cannot touch paper without a surgical glove on as well as touching some other things. I cannot type very well....the two affected fingers are very slow, so hunt and peck is faster than typing "normally" and then correcting spelling. I am 51 and right hand dominant.

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