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:confused: for the last few days i have had an ill-defined numbness in my left hand, affecting the ring and pinky, and perhaps some of the hand on that side. it is a hard to define numbness, i can still feel, yet it feels detached, a definate contrast with my right hand if i rub both hands on my jeans or something. in the last day or so my hand has felt somehow weaker, and the fact that my hands are often cold doesnt left elbow feels sort of uneasy, not stiff, but my movement is definately tender- and because im aware of the cubital tunnel syndrome implications from web researching- im being particually careful not to overstress my arm.

i am a guitarist, and i play quite a lot of demanding, fast musical passages. however i havent been playing all that much recently, and i generally warm up, its hard to play guitar if your not warmed up anyway.

one habit i do have is browsing the net with my right hand on the mouse, and my head resting on my hand, with my elbow on the desk.

when this started i had been leaning on my hand for some time, and got pins and needles, and felt a bit numbed. at the time i shrugged this off and went to bed. i will add that the numbness is not associated with tingling, or pins and needles, although those two fingers have felt cold at elbow feels sort of clicky, ive been trying to keep it straight.

i am terrified i have irreparibly damaged my arm, and that i wont be able to play anymore. Can anybody tell me what it is i have done? or what its likely to be?also any suggestions explained if neccessay as i have found lots of info on ulnar nerve damage and some of it is just frightening.

sorry about the long post.Thanks v much for reading.

Jon :confused:
I'd go to your doc. The longer it's left to be impinged (which it might be...) the worse the damage will get.

I'ts possible that all you need is a "release" and your fingers will return to normal months after the release...
I,have Ulnar nerve damage.It takes an EMG(nerve test) to be sure.Surgury,should help.Though,some people have surgury for carpul tunnel& are worse after.You should go to the Dr.
About 8yrs ago, I was loosing feeling in that same area, finding it hard to pick up and hold things. The feeling you're having is from more than likely cubit tunnel pinched ural nerve in the elbow. It's an outpatient surgery around 3hrs. Mine came out just about normal. Still have a bit of numbness in the tips of my fingers but I have full range of use. Before my L-hand looked like a crows foot holding a wire. It took about 3-4months with rehab, but it was worth it. Go see your doctor for a hand surgeon referral. Good luck! Clag
It also sounds like ulnar nerve syndrome either at the wrist or elbow. I would see your doctor and get a referral to a hand surgeon. Usually a nerve conduction test will pinpoint if there is a problem area. I was diagnosed a few weeks ago with ulnar nerve compression at the elbow, quite compressed. I will need surgery. I wouldn't leave it as the problem can become worse over time. Sometimes they try conservative treatments first if it is not too compressed such as wearing a splint at night to keep your arm straight. I found that leaning on my elbows made the tingling worse so try to avoid that.
Hi, I also have muscle wasting of my hand (atrophy). My left hand looks smaller compared to my right. Luckily it hasn't progressed too badly. My hand is also weaker, especially trying to grip objects and my pinky finger is clawed. I would definitely try to see your family doctor if you have one and try to get in with a specialist. I know waiting is the hard part but hopefully they will get you in soon.
actually i will add that i personally dont have any clawing of any sort, but this i believe is because my problem is at the elbow, and so therefore both the top and bottom muscles of the little finger are loosended not just the underside one- resulting in a claw shape. at least thats what i gathered anyway....

i have started squeezing a squash ball, keeping it straight whenever i can but also flexing gently and frequently, becuase permanant straightness could cause the nerve to become less stretchy. i would say these are good things to do if you have my problem, while waiting for a specialist.
i just went to the docter yesterday afternoon for the same reason my pinky and ring finger have been numb for 6 days so i thought i would get it checked out , and my docter who has been my doc since i was born , told me that it was just a pinched nerve and that the numbness should go away within 3 weeks or so , but if not he told me 2 go back if its not better in a month and he would give me a cortozone shot sorry dont know how to spell it , but ya i think if you got a pinched nerve in your elbow dont worry about it it will get better within time just gotta let it heal first also massaging the fingers and palm of your hand help if you do it for 5 minutes an hour or every so often throughout the day
ne-ways chow
I am also a guitar player and did see a neurologist
He says I have a pinched ural nerve near my elbow and it should go away however it has been almost a month.
He said that it wasn't anything that was done recently it is the resukt of a longstanding problem.
We could only figure that it is the way I sleep on my arm most of the time.
I have been trying to stop doing that but it isn't working and now I am waking up every few minutes because of it.
I will be going back to my family doctor as soon as I have time to get in.
Good luck to you and I will post back with any new info.
while this does definitely sound like ulnar nerve involvemnet,given what two fingers are affected and the elbow,BUT the very first thing you need to find out is exactly WHERE this stems from.just because your elbow and the fingers are affected does not actually always mean that the elbow is where it really DO have the c 8(ulnar nerve) up in your c spine too.that is where this actually starts from right where it comes out of the actual cord.before actually doing any real surgery,obtaining at least an EMG starting at the c spine area on down would really show just where the involvement starts.or getting an MRI done on your c spine would show if there is actually anything wrong up there that could be causeing some level of nerve impingment or herniation or bone spurs,the list goes on.but these all could be reproducing the very same types of just do not want to have what could be a 'wasted' surgery on something that was not the actual source of the real problem,you know what i mean?you just need to really find out where the nerve involvement starts before "doing" anything.good luck and please keep us posted,K? Marcia
Hi there: I was diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome about three months ago. The symptoms you are discribing sound alot like mine. You have not mentioned any arm pain or arm weakness so not to sure weather this could be it or not. I have both as well as other symptoms.

I would definatley have a C spine exray done to rule this out. I am waiting to see a Vascular surgeon.

Let us know how it goes.


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