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I can't speak to your problem with your feet, however, you might wish to consult a podiatrist (sp?), or while you're speaking to a neurologist or neuro-surgeon (again...sp? sorry never did learn to spel in skool) about your numb fingers and cold arms, that seems to me consistant with a herniated disk in the cervical area. I used to be a cross country truck driver and got worried when my pinky and ring finger on my right hand suddenly went numb in VA on I-95...from that point on it's been down hill for me, a very long story so I won't go into it, but initally I was diagnosed with spondlyosis with bone spurs that were thought to be pressing on that nerve that runs down to the tips of the fingers, I also had at the time extremely painful and burning left shoulder pain, so bad I'd have to pull off the hiway and lie down along with taking massive quanitites of ibuphrophen...Advil (about 10 to 20 at a time!). The following year, Billings (MT) got an "open" MRI (which was necessary as at that time I porked out at 380 pounds (yes the stereo-typical truck driver!)! Anyway as a result of the MRI, lo and behold I had not one, not two, but three herniated disks at C-4, 5, & 6...what joy! Anywho, that was cause of that problem, since then many more have developed, including nocturnal cramping of my calves caused by a ruptured disk at L-5-6 and just this last December another herniated disk at L-4-5 even more Joy! I hope this testimony will cause you to ask for a referal to a spine Doc...I would also advise you to get some more advice on the "back pain" board. I do hope you find an answer to your problems, and if you find a Doc that thinks it's all in your head, find another Doc.
I hope you find help soon, and trust me the sooner, the better!

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