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I have sensory peripheral neuropathy. I've been suffering for 3 years with pain/burning/numbness in my feet/toes/legs/hands/fingers. I wasn't diagnosed until last November. It started in my feer/toes and in the last six months alone has progressed to my legs and hands. I did have one instance where the right side of my face went number for 5-10 minutes along with my right hand. Neurologist thought I had a TIA, so I had to have all the tests for that which were negative, so he dismissed it. I can't walk the golf course anymore. I'm only 47. Right now the diag is auto-immune of unknown origin.

I too have the sharp pains in my feet, legs, arms, hands, etc and what really caught my attention was that you said you had the sharp pains on the left side of your head. I too have had that. I thought it was related to my sore neck I get from sitting in front of a computer for 28 years (I am a software developer). I never even told any of my doctors about the head pain. What you said about a stabbing needle ? BINGO, me too. I would have it sometime for weeks and then it would go away, but come back agian. Haven't had it for awhile. Mine feels like someone pushed a knife starting at the top of the left side of my head down into my brain. I thought I had a anerysm burst or something the first time it happened.

Before I went on meds, my legs would twitch at night so bad that sometimes I would wake my wife up. Since I am on meds, my legs don't twitch as much, but since it has moved to my hands, my upper body will twitch now, mainly my arms.

I'm curious what meds you are on ???

I'm taking 3600mg of gabapentin (neurontin) and 120mg of cymbalta every day. Still have pain/burning/numbness in my feet/hands, but I have days where it isn't as bad but a lot where it seems worse than when I wasn't on any meds at all.

I hope things get better for you. Neuropathy sucks. There is no cure and only seems to get worse.

I'd like to know if you find out what the stabbing pains in your head are.

FYI - I'm going to start a thread about a treament that my neurologists wants to do on me called IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin Infusion Therapy). Not sure if it would work for you, but once you see the post it's worh a read.

Good Luck to you

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