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Alrighty - new developments:

The other night my toes began tingling while I was at work. The lower part of my left leg and hands also experienced pins and needles. These sensations were intermiddent (i.e. not constant) and lasted minutes at most - but kept recurring.

A few hours later I went to bed and began feeling pins and needles in my right arm that soon spread down to my torso and soon enough all my limbs (including hands and feet) were numb and tingling. I started drifting off to sleep but was awoken within minutes by my cell phone - and when I woke my whole body was still tingling.

Today the same sensations have been occuring - and can strike any part of my body. I guess what I am wondering is whether or not this is consistant with neuropathy... I was under the impression that it began in the feet and spread gradually to the ankles and then legs and only sometimes occured in the hands/arms and was generally constant.

Basically is it impossible that this is neuropathy given that it is intermiddent and affects my whole body within just 2 days? Thanks a lot.

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