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I can't answer to polyneuropathy, because I don't know for sure. When my neurologist diagnosed me after my emg/ncv, he just put down sensory peripheral neuropathy. My muscles are fine. It's just the sensory nerves.

Since Poly means more than one and mono means one, I don't know if I can assume since both my feet/legs/hands/arms are affected, if it is polyneuropathy or not. I've read on both an found one article that said "Polyneuropathy implies a widespread process that usually affects both sides of the body equally." Both sides of my body are affected. When it started though, it started with my left foot, but progressed to my right not too long after. When it started in my hands, it was at the same time. Oh well, enough of that. I will just have to call my neurologist.

I do know that I don't have any of the common causes (diabetes, Lupus, MS, lymes disease, thyroid malfunction, heavy metal poisoning. And I have no motor loss. I had a DNA test that confirmed it wasn't hereditary. My has been labeled auto-immune of unknown origin.

As far as treatments, read my new post I did this week. It is about IVIG, which is a treatment, not a cure, since there is no cure. I also had corresponded with someone who told me about “The Rebuilder System”. Don’t know anything about it besides what I read on their website.


As far as pain management, I take 3600mg/day (900mg 4 times/day) of gabapentin (neurontin) and 120mg of Cymbalta. I've been taking meds since Nov of last year, but have been suffering since March of 2003 (mult. Drs.s and mis-diagnosis). I have to have one of them upped about 1-2 times a month. Haven't gotten to a point yet where I have no pain/burning/numbness. Not sure If I ever will get there.

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I don't know if I helped you at all, but Good Luck to you. I hope everything works out OK for you.


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