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I was just currious if everyone in this thread was still taking neurontin and how much and with what other meds.

I have had sensory peripheral neuropathy, burnin/pain/numbness in Feet/Legs/Hands for about 3 years. Started in Feet for about 2 1/2 years and last 6 months has progress to my legs and hands.

I read where someone was asking about gabapentin. I found something on the internet tht I thought said that gabapentin was the chemical name for neurontin. I kinda took that as meaning that it was the exact same thing. I will try to find it and post the link.

I take 900mg 4 times/day of Gabapentin (neurontin) (3600mg/day). Each time my doc upped the neurontin, I became a zombie. I started having a pain that started behind my left new and went into my groin so she put me on Cymbalta also. Started at 30mg at bedtime. I noticed that it seemed to help me think clearer. I am a independet software developer so I have to think clearly to do my job, but then, don't most people. The last two times she has upped my neurontin, after about 2 weeks of zombie, she would up my cymbalbta. Now taking 120mg at bedtime. It seems to offset the zombie zone.

I still have pain and buring in my feet, especially when I walk a lot, but not necessarily, and the numbness has never gone away.

Just curious what eveyone is taking now.


FYI - I'm going to start a thread about a treament that my neurologists wants to do on me called IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin Infusion Therapy). Not sure if it would work for anyone, but once you see the post it's worth a read.

Good Luck to All

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