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Hello everyone,

i am new to this but i have been reading all i can find on here about neurontin. my problem started a few years ago with problems walking, after many test and treatments i was treated for a tumor on my spine that had pinched the siatic nerve going down my right leg, with chemo and radiation, the tumor that had been pinching the nerve for so long has shrunk.the doctors say i will never get any better but it shouldn't get any worse. i had been taking morphine and vicadin for the pain but now my pain managment doc has taken me off the vicadin and started me on neurontin about two weeks ago 100mg 3x a day. my problem is it doesnt seam to help with pain and seams like all i want to do is lay in bed and i have been more depressed than before, i do have foot drop and wear an afo brace for that. and i have a couple months left of the cancer treatment. now i will be going through a bone marrow transplant. my questions are. 1 will depression go away in time after being on neurontin, 2 will i every want to get out of bed again and 3 do i need to be on neurontin longer than a couple weeks to see any relief in pain.

thanks for all of your information , i hope you all are doing well


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