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In my experience, it may take some time and may also take higher dosages, but everyone is different.

I started on 300mg gabapentin(neurontin)/3 times a day (900 mg). I know what you are talking about with depression, feeling like you just want to lay around and stare at the ceiling.

My Dr. put me also on 30mg Cymbalta. I was up and down for months. I finally now feel like I can think straight and am in a good mood considering. Even though they have a lot of the same side affets, it seems like the Cymbalta offets some of the bad side afects of the gabapentin, especially the depression and tiredness. Cymbalta is used to treat depression, but aslo for nerve pain like the gabapentin. I was on paxil for depression in 1999-2001 (Y2K Stress). I wonder now if that is what caused my neuropathy.

It took me 4 months to get where I am currently at, only problem, I am currently on 900mg/4 times day (3600mg) gabapentin and 120mg Cymbalta. I still have bad pain/burning when I walk a lot, and sometime when I don't do anything, but I use to have BAD pain/burning all the time 24/7. I still have pain/burning 24/7, but it has gone from an 9 on 1-10 scale to about a 3-4, but this is when I don't do a lot of walking. So much for golf.

I need to get back to working out AND playing golf. Not sure how much I need to up my meds for that.

good luck to you

Re: Neurontin users
Mar 26, 2006
:[COLOR=Navy]wave: Dear dbtd

It may not be that Pathology is taxing on your body but it may be stressful. How do Neuropathy patients feel stress plays on their condition? I have asked that question before. I asked that because with the onset of mine, whenever I lie in bed and think about my job and all the unfinished business and workload waited for me I could feel this vail of tingling and tightness fall over my head, and I couldn't get rid of it. It wasn't just with work either, it was when ever I started to discuss anything I considered stressful. I'm okay now, but some of the damage is permanent, like the feet thing.

I take 400 mg of Gap (neurontine) 3xdaily and have for the past 6 years, cymbalta, pamelor (for depression), and a couple others. I have permanent nerve damage in the left thigh and right calf and feet. I'm now experiencing nerve pain in my elbows too. THe left side of my face with tingle like electric tingling and muscle spasms.

Karie how are you? I like my new job as Attendance Clerk. I have a nice large office all to myself and the high school students have been very repectful of me. I'm in a ruff area of Pasadena/Altadena. So I landed on my feet. My office mate at the site that "kicked me to the curb" is paying the price. Summer is coming and the weather will be warming up real soon!

Cathy :wave: [/COLOR]

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