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Hi, I am taking cymbalta (60mg) in the morning since December 2005. I had been on neurontin from August to November 2005 with no change from my feet pain. Without fail, I take this every morning. My feet always feel so weird and only once in awhile do I experience severe pain where I actually crawl around the house for hours until the pain subsides. I am so tired of doctors and tests that I am just trying to cope with my symptoms. There isn't one of my friends who understand this neuropathy. I have stopped confiding in anyone and when asked I shrug off the questions and say I'm ok. I haven't had a good night sleep in 6 months. I am a zombie day and night and I know how bad this is for my body. I have Ambien to take and Darvocet for the pain but neither help me to stay to sleep at all. My legs have the itchies all night and I feel like tearing into them.
I don't know where to go from here. I pray alot and read these posts to find answers. I never heard about neuropathy before I suddenly got it. I have the "no known origin" kind. It just appeared one day.
Hi. I"m on day twelve of cymbalta and it has relieved most of my nerve pain. I started at 30 mg for a week, then went up to 60mg. Did you start at 60mg?

the doctor said that the nausea should pass in a few days.

I'm still nauseated but i think it's also from stopping the percocet cold. So i can't tell what symptoms are from what. I have no appetite. Food makes me sick. Should lose 40 lbs easy!

I am so glad I found the cymbalta. It was that or a spinal cord stimulator.
I just started Cymbalta last week 30mg...starting on 60mg tomorrow. Finding a little relief, but not alot. I have RSD, and currently have a spinal cord stimulator, which is about to be removed because of all the problems I am having.

I also take 1800mg of Neurontin, Celebrex, Ultracet and Keppra.

Anyone else in a simliar situation?

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