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i took 1 pill so far and i was nuseated and i couldnt sleep cause my whole body was restless. is this normal on 60 mgs? and i felt like a zombie all day today. any help??
hi.I am taking it for that purpose.also for depression but it does not help much.I currently taking 90 mgs .My doctor wants me to take 120 if I need to.
I also take nuerontin 600 mgs and oxycontin 20 mgs 3 times a day.
Hi, I am taking cymbalta (60mg) in the morning since December 2005. I had been on neurontin from August to November 2005 with no change from my feet pain. Without fail, I take this every morning. My feet always feel so weird and only once in awhile do I experience severe pain where I actually crawl around the house for hours until the pain subsides. I am so tired of doctors and tests that I am just trying to cope with my symptoms. There isn't one of my friends who understand this neuropathy. I have stopped confiding in anyone and when asked I shrug off the questions and say I'm ok. I haven't had a good night sleep in 6 months. I am a zombie day and night and I know how bad this is for my body. I have Ambien to take and Darvocet for the pain but neither help me to stay to sleep at all. My legs have the itchies all night and I feel like tearing into them.
I don't know where to go from here. I pray alot and read these posts to find answers. I never heard about neuropathy before I suddenly got it. I have the "no known origin" kind. It just appeared one day.
Hi. I"m on day twelve of cymbalta and it has relieved most of my nerve pain. I started at 30 mg for a week, then went up to 60mg. Did you start at 60mg?

the doctor said that the nausea should pass in a few days.

I'm still nauseated but i think it's also from stopping the percocet cold. So i can't tell what symptoms are from what. I have no appetite. Food makes me sick. Should lose 40 lbs easy!

I am so glad I found the cymbalta. It was that or a spinal cord stimulator.
yes i started at 60mgs. when did you notice it helped the pain? ive still been taking it on my 4th night now and since i take right before bed i dont feel sick anymore, but i have lost my appetite also some. i just feel like a zombie all the time. do you feel like that too?
:angel: Hi all,

I undersand how all of you feel. I had an emg done on my feet foot and right calf where I damaged the peroneal nerve. I have suffered almost half the feeling in my right foot. And considering the right one feels compaired to the left foot I would say I have lost the same in the left foot too. I also have nerve damage in the left thigh that I've suffered with for 6 years. I can't stand or walk for longer than an hour and a half. The pain it causes lasts for over 24 hours. The bottoms of my feet burn. I'm a data control clerk and I'm now developing it in my elbows too.

I take Cymbalta in conjuntion with Pamelor along with Neurontine. I suppose it does help the pain but I wouldn't say it releves it all together because I am still in great pain.

But I sympathize with Maggie500 and the fact that I can't tell even my husband how I feel because they just don't understand.

I have been experiencing pain and tingling in my left side of my face with muscle twitches and that is most disturbing. I don't want to have facial pain too.

Hi Cittycat, do you know what type of neuropathy you have and why it seems to be spreading? I have had mine for 4/5 years and started in feet, now right up legs to buttocks and hips. Sooooooooo painful. I am terrified that it won't stop spreading and now has hit my hands. Unfortunately I gave up my job just before this all started and was going to have a long holiday and then look for something else. I doubt that will happen now and I am really really depressed at present. Don't know how old you are but I am 'only' 46 and feel 90. I am on Cymbalta too but don't think it's doing too much.
Love Pauline
Hi. I got relief after my very first dose (2 hours later), but that only lasted 12 hours. At 60 mg, I not only got relief, but it lasts nearly 24 hours.

I wake in the morning with leg pain, and eat immediately and take the cymbalta, but it takes 2 hours to work. Still, that gives me pain relief the rest of the day.

My nerve is injured and the pain is always there.

I find eating with it helps keep the nausea down. I had nausea for 3 weeks when I started it.

Now I jsut have loss of appetite adn the smell of food sometimes makes me sick. Eating very little.

I don't feel like a zombie, but I do get sleepy. But that's also the neurontin. Have to keep busy and moving or will fall asleep easy.

For me this med has been a godsend. I was in level 8-10 pain for 2 years prior. This med with the neurontin takes the pain to a 3. I can now put my weight on my bad foot, with little to no pain now, and can stand and walk longer. Been walking without the cane, though still learning to balance again.

Good luck with it. The doc said the nausea can last up to 3 weeks.
I just started Cymbalta last week 30mg...starting on 60mg tomorrow. Finding a little relief, but not alot. I have RSD, and currently have a spinal cord stimulator, which is about to be removed because of all the problems I am having.

I also take 1800mg of Neurontin, Celebrex, Ultracet and Keppra.

Anyone else in a simliar situation?
Hi all, I'm on Cymbalta but seem to be getting liver pain or at least pain over the right side where my liver is and feel really spaced out. I see that some of you are on a lot of medications all at once. How on earth do you tolerate it - I have trouble with just a couple! Another question for you guys who live in hot climates - does it bother your PN. I have terrible burning all the time but in the summer the heat just makes it worse. Any advice as to what I can do would be really appreciated.
Love Pauline
Hi ,
I am new to this site usually on spine sites.I had a Conus Lipoma removed from my spine on Dec. 1,2005 the lipoma was causeing urinary inconstance along with a sciatic pain.Had to have surgery due to the lipoma pressing on the nerves in my legs,bladder and bowels.So after 8 hours of surgery and a 10 inch scar down my spine .I have been in constant pain since the surgery ,Also lost feeling in in my genitals and i do not know when i have bowel movements due to the surgery.I am also taking Cymbalta 30mg morning and night for sciatic pain and other nerve pain, along with Neurotin 900mg 4 x a day,Flexiral 10mg 4 x a day i do understand the being sleepy all the time .There are time i am up late because i can't keep myself awake during the day.I think the Cymbalta is helping a litte still have pain just dulls it.I am able to sit and walk longer since starting Cymbalta.I am 40 years old and was told by my Doc that i might never be able to work again.

P.S [B]adgal174[/B] what kind of problems are you having with the Spinal Cord Stimulator this is one of the options Doc are talking about.

Good Luck To All

I have been on Cymbalta for a year now @ 60 mg. the Dr. just upped my dose to 120 mg. per day. I also take 300 mg Neurontine 3 x daily and pamelor, tenanzadine, and zonegran. All so I can function at a job I'm so close to retiring from. Hang in there and give any new medication a chance to work before calling it quites.

I too know the feeling of not being able to express to ANYONE how it feels to be in cronic pain. You listen to your friends around you complain about headaches etc and it drives you crazy. I just try to keep things in prespective. That's why we have the message board and each other.

I have had cataracts too and it took 5 surgeries to see with trifocals and yet my husband insists he's blind (he can drive at night without glasses).

Good luck and have a pain free day, and remember we're here to B_ _ _ H to!

Its myfirst time here! I have taken cymbalta for neuropathy for almost 3 years. It has helped a bit but has definitely helped with "depression". I wouldn't give it up for the world! I am SO much more on an even keel than I ever was, ever!
It takes about 7-8 weeks to really feel a difference but it is worth the wait. The side effects like nausea, etc. will likely disappear, mine did.

Also, ask your doc about Lyrica. I take that too for the nerve pain and it definitely does help. Also though, I go to pain management as well and am prescribed narcotics for the acute chronic pain associated with the nerve disorders I have, including neuropathy (freezing, burning, stinging relentless pain, mainly in feet), restless leg syndrome (associated with the neuropathy and it really sucks), and Rheumatoid arthritis.

My best to you! And you should know that there are docs out there who don't believe you should suffer in pain!

Love, Julie
hi, i was taking cybalta for nerve pain, i have rsd or so the doc says. it's a workers comp case i have been fighting since 2000. i had my 4th c spine surgury in nov 05 and as a result, the doc hit my spinal cord and now i have the burning pain, wind and cold hurt and my finger tips are numb. it's all hand pain for me. but wc decided last week that cybalta and lunesta are for depression and sleep so they cut me off. shame on them... anyway, the cymbalta seemed to help. made me more peppy like i use to be before nov 05. i am also really depressed but this is due to the pain 24/7. hard for the kids and hubby and other family and friends to understand so i feel alone and don't want o complain to them. I know all here on the board understand. good to have people to write to to get it off my chest...happy weekend everyone. sorry to vent but i hope everyone one this sight feels better. this is the best sight i ever found...sincerly, patti...
I have been taking Cymbalta for 3 months now. Sleepyness better. Taking 30mg every evening. Severe pain diminished. Tingling, numbness, and occasional deep pain in feet, and burning still there. Switched from Neurontin to Cymbalta.
Julie...thanks for the info. Dr. appointment this friday. I'll have to mention the other med, Lyrica.

hi :wave: i am also on cymbalta, 90mg a day but i am on sooo many other meds i can't tell what sdoes what. i do know that neuronton makes me extremely tired. i am on the max dose of 3600mg a day. if i lower it any, my pain is too intense if i take the 3600, i get fatter by the minuate and never feel like getting out of bed. i have rsd. i am also on vallium, vicodan, naproxen, lunesta, anotriptolene, and lidocane patches. i think thats it :eek: anyway, these boards are great. so nice to talk to people who understand how we feel. i know my hubby and kids axhe for me but they can never understand. i hope they never experience this pain either. i pray for them that they never will. gob bless all, patti :bouncing:

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