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Since early October 2005 I am experiencing pins n' needles sensations, burning pain, numbness, twitching/spasms, 'buzzing' sensation in the palm of my hand below my little and ring finger. I also have clawing of my little finger.I did see a hand surgeon who previously did my surgery for dequervains tendonitis. I have been going for physical therapy, modifications such as not leaning on my elbow, wear a brace at night to keep my arm straight etc. There have been no improvements. In fact my hand is more clumsy in the past 5-6 weeks and some atrophy of my hand. My fingers don't spread apart easily. I noticed my little finger and sometimes my ring finger will spasm/twitch off and on, more recently.I am scheduled to have a nerve conduction test (neurologist) in a few weeks. It doesn't help that they have rescheduled it 3 times already, but hopefully this time it will go through okay. If I lean on my elbow without thinking the buzzing, pins n' needles get worse. So is the next step surgery? Is surgery only done on severe cases or if conservative treatment over time has not improved it. I guess the test will determine where the compression is? Thanks for your help!

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