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[QUOTE=laurafaith]Since about July I've had a stiff neck. It seems to be high on the back of my neck. I also get pain in the lower back of my head. Both sides. Makes me want to bend my head forward to streatch it out, and to the sides. I'm also frequently lightheaded. Not dizzy. All blood tests are normal. CT and MRI of head and neck are fine. I sleep fine, have had no weight loss. I also get sensations of head pressure or head fullness. ENT finds nothing abnormal. I got sudden swelling just above both collar bones, that MRI reveals as nothing more than fatty masses, and to be ignored. The lightheadedness, head pressure, and stiff neck are very bothersome. I walk fine. I even play softball fine. Though, many times throughout the day, I feel like I am floating...kind of in a fog. Vision is, and has always been fine. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

Why are you posting this on the neuropathy board, these are not normal signs of neuropathy?

However I have had neuropathy for ~10 years and mine started EXACTLY LIKE THIS! At least you had doctors who did not think you were crazy and did tests on you. I 'had' all the problems except for the fat above the collar bones but I had extreme tightness in the sides of the neck that hurt.

Good news, as your neuropathy develops many of the head problems will go away or you will learn to ignore them. I still get the occcational head pressure and weird feelings in the head.

It took a while but the neuropathy started in the left foot and spread. I have always suspected a central reason for neuropathy in the head because of the way mine started but conduction tests say local nerves are damaged.

You wanted ideas and I have no solution if your neuropathy (if that is what you have)developes as mine has. I take no drugs for my neuropathy but I am always saturated with B vitamins, except for b6, and I give myself B12 shots weekly.

Good luck finding your hear problem, I hope it stops there.

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