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Hi All
I'm new here! I have neuropathy (diabetic) and also experience restless leg syndrome with it lately as well. The neuropathy is a burning/freezing stinging sensation mainly in my feet. The RLS is mostly at night and is a feeling of needing to shake my's hard to describe. Alot of the time when I sleep I wake shaking my legs uncontrollably but when awake they feel very uncomfortable and interfere often with sleep.

I take 150mg of lyrica twice a day and it helps. Also I take cymbalta for nerve pain (maxed at 120mg daily for the last 3 years). For pain I go to pain management and am lucky enough to see a doc who doesn't believe in suffering...I take 4-6 norco (10/325 hydrocodone) a day for pain. This gives me quality of life. I work full time and have a 5yr old and a teenage daughter to take care of. It literally gives me my life back.

Also though, I was recently tested for rheumatoid arthritis for the worst muscle aches you can imagine. Feels like the flu! It's not. It's a deep deep ache mainly in my legs, knees, wrists and fingers. I tested negative for RA but extremely high Rheumatoid factor so I'm in testing mode right now while they try to figure it all out. I can't help feeling the neurological problems and the arthritis are related somehow!

Anyways, my best to you!
Love, Julie

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